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Road To Russia FIFA World Cup Trading Cards FREE With Strike It Magazine

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Pirate Pat, Pirate Jake & Pirate Rio Pafos spotted some FREE packs of Panini Adrenalyn XL Road To Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 Trading Cards inside Strke It Magazine. There are 3 FREE packs plus a Limited Edition Card!!!! Lets check it out!!!! Pirate Pats new album A Pirate's Life is now available to download from iTunes by clicking this link http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1231964944?ls=1&app=itunes Or you can buy the album as a disc by visiting our website shop http://www.piratepat.co.uk/shop/ To watch more Pirate Pat videos click the links below: Road To Russia World Cup Trading Cards Mega Tin Opening https://youtu.be/YIf06AY24XM SuperStar Pirates From The New Album https://youtu.be/XSl3GPgDeqQ Walkers Crisps Cash Prizes To Be Won Pack Opening https://youtu.be/e5kdnO2Z198 Almost completed Topps Match Attax Extra https://youtu.be/hBkUSFZQFp0 Pokémon Trading Cards Sun & Moon pack opening https://youtu.be/SEXu9BwaiEY LEGO Blind bag Batman minifigures opening https://youtu.be/KoFg4ESkx9M Opening Topps Match Attax EXTRA https://youtu.be/rHeV9Ff-Ow0 Last Chance To Find Ultra Rare Frankinose https://youtu.be/5Yoy2OKrmew Zomlings Series 5 Surprise Pack Opening https://youtu.be/8jYeXwCIetQ Opening More Packs Of Topps Match Attax Extra https://youtu.be/ZzBgwIN8qo0 LEGO The Batman Movie mini figures blind bag opening https://youtu.be/6aZ9ulWf08Y Topps Match Attax Extra Starter Album & Packs https://youtu.be/hXxj4vR69YU Pirate Pats Hunt for the ultra rare Frankinose https://youtu.be/oqGIRt81INM Rio Pafos Gets A Hatchimal https://youtu.be/ZqlvOPz9vNo Opening More packs of Topps UEFA Champions League Cards https://youtu.be/SG9dR8gKGMg Topps Match Attax UEFA Champions League Starter Album & Packs https://youtu.be/QXTamrKnRF4 Zomlings In The Big Town https://youtu.be/bnHLMOktjSk Zomlings Series 5 Surprise Pack opening https://youtu.be/Z3h403RO2AI Check Out Pirate Pats New Album https://youtu.be/sN3ZWN1wv0w New puppets from Puppets By Post https://youtu.be/FF8sfwm_X0A Star Monsters Series 2 Surprise Packs On The Christmas Tree https://youtu.be/8sPgFTsWpF0 Star Monsters Series 1 Mega Pack https://youtu.be/B66Q29yn8a0 Star Monsters Series 1 The Collection So Far https://youtu.be/HuSs2J5ju9Y The Who Am I Challenge with Pirate Pat & Pirate Jake https://youtu.be/gm9xWnL97g8 Pirate Pat & Crew Interview On BBC Radio Derby https://youtu.be/Vq7ceNlBk5Y A Surprise Package Arrives From Star Monsters https://youtu.be/eMJqq_pOOts Pie Face Showdown Epic Fail Rematch https://youtu.be/5HU0zAE-aYc Pie Face Showdown with Pirate Pat & Pirate Jake https://youtu.be/ij3Y6EABDk4 October Favourites with Pirate Pat & Crew https://youtu.be/GJFd-PfeCFs Meet The Pyjama Star Monster https://youtu.be/aIlv45-GEVg Star Monsters Series 2 The Collection So Far https://youtu.be/Xnyxl5SSkPw My Little Pony Surprise Pack Opening https://youtu.be/VaRwArECAPQ Bottle Flip Challenge With Pirate Pat & Pirate Jake https://youtu.be/A__-I9FLVZc Check out our facebook page and give us a like https://www.facebook.com/PiratePatPiratePearl
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Text Comments (27)
Kevin South (5 months ago)
Peter Lock (8 months ago)
yoshi gaming (1 year ago)
pls shout out to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yoshi gaming (1 year ago)
i have completed the england , portugal , france and netherlands
Tom Travels (1 year ago)
c3 fifa (1 year ago)
Robert Lewandowski
DaRk _NeWt (1 year ago)
Robert is a short version of roberto but I choose Robert because it sounds better
Hermione Scandrett (1 year ago)
i love you video and can you please give me a shout out please and nice video 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😉😉😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😉😉😀😉😉😉😀😉😉😉😉😉😉😀
Hermione Scandrett (1 year ago)
Pirate Pat Channel but can you say Ryan because i am using my sister phone please
Pirate Pat Channel (1 year ago)
Hermione Scandrett yes sure, glad you enjoy the videos :)
Zarina Bi (1 year ago)
roberto because the commitaters say
Kieran Kelly (1 year ago)
robert pirate pat
Tyrese Evans (1 year ago)
Pirate Pat Channel (1 year ago)
Tyrese Evans yes I knew I was right lol :)
Grzesiek K (1 year ago)
its ROBERT Lewandowski cause im from Poland so yeah ;)
Grzesiek K (1 year ago)
Yeah haha
Pirate Pat Channel (1 year ago)
Grzesiek K cool, looks like Pirate Jake has lost then hahahahaha :)
Nathan Whittington (1 year ago)
I love your videos they make my day. (Please can you shout me out)Keep up the good work.
Pirate Pat Channel (1 year ago)
Nathan Whittington glad you enjoy them, I will do a shoutout for you on tomorrow's video ;)
Swishmeister Railton (1 year ago)
Robert Lewandowski (Pirate Jake)
Debbie Simon (1 year ago)
it's Robert lewandowski
Ethan Baker (1 year ago)
Shout out next video
Games & more (1 year ago)
Beckie Hellyer (1 year ago)
It's Robert because I collect them to, your wrong pirate Jake
_ CH1LL1HEATWAVE (1 year ago)
defoe robert
Miran Javed (1 year ago)
It is Robert Lewandoski because I am from Poland
Star Guy (1 year ago)
Jake didn't look that happy when you did shoutouts. Can I have one? (Shout out)?

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