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How To Find Winning Stock Picks Every day (Step By Step)

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Text Comments (241)
Hayden Harris (6 hours ago)
Hello Sir Not a trick question! People do make the market move but how do we know what the accumulations either way will be at any time because its those accumulations that cause the tug of war up and down for however long. regards Hayden
L Land (2 days ago)
One of your best videos!!
Sean Mcgrath (6 days ago)
great vid!!!
Ale VC (10 days ago)
Hello, boiler room. There is a free stock screener that allows to find low float stocks, at Trade-Ideas.
Drippin Sauce (12 days ago)
Can you make a living off of this?
Finally someone who can speak my language! Great common sense and fundamental approach. I'm tired of all these stock channels that offer no meat or strategies in their videos. People who talk for hours without any substance. Finally a guy who offers sound tactics! Ty!
Harry McCulloch (12 days ago)
SOrry I am new to stocks but towards the end of the video you said you look for stocks that have risen in price to buy, I dont understand why? Surrely i continued price rise would be unlikely
Paul Yun (15 days ago)
Can you do the share TOS workspace?
KpxUrz5745 (16 days ago)
Said very little about profit goal, time in trade, typical trade outcome. In my view, this is mostly rambling and repetitive, but left so much unsaid.
Kanav Sahani (19 days ago)
I was confused when you talked about shs float, isn;t 18.97M shares float a lot compared to shs outstand of 22.16M?
black winter gaming (29 days ago)
PLEASE HELP why is it when I put in a pre-market scanner and click scan is shows %gain at 0.000% for all of them? And when I watch yours and other TBS members videos of them showing their scans the %change is green and is way above 0.000
Igbunu Samuel (1 month ago)
This company just saved the President's life......xD
Hussain Muhammad (1 month ago)
So when I try to run the premarket scanner using the same settings that the percentage change column was 0.00% for all the stocks until the market opens at 9. Am I doing something wrong?
Elisa Greppi (1 month ago)
Probably a stupid question but.......with a fast moving market (and usually stocks with high gains or losses in pre-market immediately jump one direction or the other) how are you able to buy at a given price? How are you able to post your order and not see the current price be already beyond your bid?
Robin Hutson (1 month ago)
really liked the video --- you broke it down in a way that kept it simple...
Dogey Godey (1 month ago)
This is the right scanner time period wise, other one has wrong time period.
Scott Medeiros (1 month ago)
Can this routine work with futures?
The Boiler Room (1 month ago)
I do not trade forex.com so i am unaware if this will work!. sorry :0
Brandon Charles Wood (1 month ago)
u ever get on options?
Brandon Charles Wood (3 days ago)
r u fuckin kidding me? a contract you pay a small percentage of the cost of the security, for the right but not the obligation to buy or sell...each contract is for a 100 shares...so a weekly for facebook would be a 1.00, right.....so times a dollar by a 100 shares thats the cost of your contract a 100 it appreciates or deprieciates depending on if you buy or sell a call or put...kinda surprised a trader tells me he has no idea what they are
will long (4 days ago)
I see everyone say "use options" but like I have no idea what options are
Brandon Charles Wood (2 months ago)
good vid, was curious how to use that scanner
Bitcoin Crazy (2 months ago)
Your link for scanner is dead. any new link?
Vikash Rajak (2 months ago)
Do thinkorswing works for all exchange, like NSE(Indian stock exchange)???
Pedro Romero (2 months ago)
Very impressive I’m starting learning the stocks movements,really help a lot more than a quick trash talk that most do,keep going forward ,I will keep following you steps thanks for the video 💪👍
Tj n Linda O Conchuir (3 months ago)
How much volume over the avg vol do you look for?
RON Kirby (3 months ago)
nice vid ty
Chris Stephens (3 months ago)
Is it possible to set up a scanner that will scan stocks that are over bought and sold on the RSI??
ca bo (3 months ago)
Keep volume high. Otherwise you lose money on buy, sell!
ca bo (3 months ago)
Brandon Williams (3 months ago)
Great information on this video bro
Nveemrv (4 months ago)
Another informative video. Thanks 🙌🏽
Waldo Forsest (4 months ago)
Isn’t a big short float a good stock to play for a short squeeze
Bob LeGlob (4 months ago)
a lot of times a stock rising in the premarket period takes an impressive dump at the open. do you simply watch and wait and buy at the bottom?
Inside Diane's Life (4 months ago)
Thanks for this video.
Dain Lewis (4 months ago)
Good video man. Just subbed and looking forward to looking at more of your content.
caligroovin1982 (4 months ago)
Conner, I remember you saying one time that stocks that have spaces aren’t to be day traded. I see that a lot what does that mean when there are a bunch of spaces on a chart..
The Boiler Room (4 months ago)
No volume
Tiny Trader88 (5 months ago)
Now I understand the short float meaning! Thanks again Mr. C!
Sajied Dayaan (5 months ago)
Very Great, love your videos. Can I get your email for some questions please.
Aquarius (5 months ago)
Thanks, but i think my odds of making money are better playing Craps.
joseph tamassy (5 months ago)
Ive been looking at tons of othere vids, and they go on and on. Get to the PIONT. CONNOR YOU ARE A STAR PAL.
joseph tamassy (5 months ago)
Again good tec, good explanation, and NO BS.
Luo V (5 months ago)
After I saw your video I have been reading more about short float and short ratio and I got confused with sth you said on minute 10.56. You said 86% of short float is low and the possibility for a short squeeze is very low but I thought the higher the percentage of the indicator more traders would try to buy the stock in the near future and so the possibility for a short squeeze would be higher. Could you tell me where I am thinking wrong, please?
Brent B (1 month ago)
No, he meant to say 0.86% short float was low. Look at finviz.com screen on video to see value.
Luo V (5 months ago)
Thank you very much!!! I get it
The Boiler Room (5 months ago)
+Luo V i may have said it wrong high short float higher chance of short squeeze
Luo V (5 months ago)
I found your videos some days ago. I love the information you provide us! thx! I am now thinking that you make it sound so easy to do...
Reimy Saavedra (5 months ago)
subbed. your videos are a lot easier to comprehend than rickys imo lol
TheBigdee0209 (6 months ago)
thanks man, really helpful
Mattywho (6 months ago)
Good, straight forward video. Thanks
Veniamin Timofey (6 months ago)
Thank you for this clear video where you actually talked about what you said you were going to talk about. I have subscribed. I have not subscribed to anyone else in over 5 years. Again I want to thank you for a clear video.
Joe Grove (6 months ago)
Thanks for the great video! Very easy to understand!
Ramon MN (6 months ago)
thank you very much connor! im going to take these steps and im learning day by day! im glad you help me out with the information you give us.
melissa k. Swink (6 months ago)
can u help me download the think or swim app on my samsung chrome book??
Fermin Lopez (6 months ago)
Great information on trading! Keep up the amazing work.
Hayden Harris (6 months ago)
A news story and natural economy fluctuations could make trillions of pounds from millions of sources go on a frenzy being speculated differently for different periods of time. As the movement of the graph is somewhat defined by the latter, how can you possibly know where the graph will change directions during your trade period. Surly knowing where the graph will go is to do with the ongoing accumulative pressures I mention and can only be ascertained in hindsight, continually after the event.
Hayden Harris (6 months ago)
Your selling a guessing game with respect. regards Hayden
Jason DeGallery (6 months ago)
Good video bud
Remco Janssen (6 months ago)
Seems close to 100% valid, however I had experience with Twitter on 8th February, bought pre-market, but it didn't go up further than that and immediately dropped. I lost until today (didn't sell yet, hoping I still get break even). So long story short, I understand the perceptive of this video and I keep doing that, but it is not 100% water proof.
Bryan Aguilar (6 months ago)
you should do a video every morning 15-20 mins before the market opens
Bryan Aguilar (6 months ago)
honestly I use to watch ricky gutierez every morning before the market opened I noticed you talked about his group in one of your videos I'm also in that chatroom but anyway he use to do a video 15 mins before the market opened but now he decided to start charging he still does it but now you have to pay unless you watch the other ones he makes at nigh I'm not hating on the guy but I noticed he got a lot of new people because of those videos he did every morning I love how clear you are with your videos although I have a question I've watched so many shorting videos on youtube in every video I watched I always wanted to know how do you know how many stocks you should short is that depending on the price like how do you decide oh well I think I'm going to short 600 stocks or 1500 or 1000 how do you know the amount you should short for some reason no one really talks about that maybe i'm wrong and but last night I watched at least 20 youtube vids on shorting and couldn't find one to explain that.
The Boiler Room (6 months ago)
+Bryan Aguilar i do :)
panagranit pana (6 months ago)
Ok, very succinct explanation.... only question was what could make you exit after that 10 cent move????
CiberPantro (6 months ago)
pretty good man! easy to understand your point! waaaay better than alot of other traders on youtube that just want us to go pay for their “course” thanks!!
Richard Bowers (6 months ago)
Why are you trading stocks? You don't like leverage?
Toyya Thugga (1 month ago)
The increased profits that financial leverage may bring is mostly under probability, if company maybe or may not be able to generate enough cash from shares to satisfy its debt obligations to the holders. I prefer stock trading, why because i work with a risk management strategy *Blended Model* that helps me predict the up and down trend of the market perfectly.
Richard Bowers (6 months ago)
Mike Fu Um that's what happens when you trade stocks on margin. I'm talking about real leverage, that is built into the product itself. It requires no loan and many times comes as defined risk. Trading stock has no defined risk.
Mike Fu (6 months ago)
Leverage is a BAD IDEA..... You are literally taking out a LOAN on Top of your initial Trade....stupid idea. Great way to wipe your account Plus owe your broker money on top of that....
J C (6 months ago)
Great vid for beginners like myself, I subscribed and set up alerts. Thanks a million
Hakim Jefferson (7 months ago)
Ur video really helped. Im still learning thx for the info. I'll be checkin out all ur vids
3vilchina.is.doomed (7 months ago)
good source of info thank
James Setterlund (7 months ago)
Hey man great vid. I see that finfiz does signals you can check out pre-market. Is there any particular signal you would look for in order to give you a better sense of what is going to trade well the next day?
Jay Turner (7 months ago)
Hey, thanks!
Jerry G (7 months ago)
Do you tray one stock at a time or more?
Rainbow Cupcakes (7 months ago)
What’s an ideal short float that you want to look for? Higher % or lower %. And shares float?
Joel Davis (7 months ago)
Trade stocks with no fees with this app https://share.robinhood.com/krishem
Jim Paar (7 months ago)
Can you really see the percentage of change when the market is closed, I did those exact settings but very limited. I noticed your scanner is when the market is open looking at the time on your screen. Thanks
Eduardo Morales (7 months ago)
Wrong! VIP people and institutions move markets. They have the power of High Frequency Trading, Insider Trading, and sophisticated algorithms. Retail investors are insignificant and prey to online brokers. About 92% of new day traders lose all their money in their first trades. And less than 5% of the remainder are able to make enough money to survive. Article :http://www.crbtrader.com/trader/v09n01/v09n01a01.asp . If you are a normal person with a full time job who wants to profit from the market part time, I would suggest you try shorting options. Go to TastyTrade and watch Tom Sosnoff teach you about implied volatility , probabilities, and profitable option trading strategies.
D G (7 months ago)
How do you get in and out of trades on the same day if your restricted from doing so more then 3 times. Or get blocked for 90 days
Mike Fu (6 months ago)
it's called Pattern Day Trading Rule.....and you really SHOULDN'T be trading more than 3 times per week, when you're just starting out....NO ONE is that good anyways, Take your time and concentrate on making GOOD trades, Not quantity.....
JoyfulyMe (7 months ago)
D G If you have more than 25 K in your account you won’t be restricted to anything. You can buy and sell as many time during the day with Robinhood. But if you have less then buy as many stocks you want for today and sell them tomorrow. If you want to buy and sell the same day, you can do 3 times out of 5 days. Be careful if you go more than that you’ll get blocked for 90 days.
The Floogiel Trading Co. (7 months ago)
Nice video on how to find winning stocks... It is critical (especially if you are day trading) to watch the market at the open. Look for strong stocks in strong sectors that are outperforming their benchmark. Nice job Connor!
sherif afifi (7 months ago)
please how do i order buy or sell how i can tack my profit
wally lic (8 months ago)
Thanks man ,,,,
Adam Cohen (8 months ago)
Why does think or swim not show ALL stocks in the list? I made my own watch list of 100 companies that will change 30-40% but dont appear on think or swim. Thanks! great video
So Sirius (8 months ago)
why should we think you are a successful trader, lmao you are obviously not.
Ant Man (8 months ago)
How do I get level 2 for thinkorswim?
Jedidah Edmonds (8 months ago)
i liked your video very informative
Andrew Gibson (8 months ago)
What does it mean when you say stocks are gapping
Boris Mednikov (6 months ago)
As I understood it's when there is a gap between the yesterday's closing price and today's premarket opening price. And the today's price is higher than yesterday's. That's why it's called "gapping up".
Apple Crider (8 months ago)
This was super helpful in improving my investing strategies! Keep it up! -Financial Freedom For Millennials Channel Subscriber Goal 84/100
Jimmy Atencio (8 months ago)
I thought the scanner is free
Idowebs (8 months ago)
NIce video. Your approach is like mine as a newbie practicing using TOS paper. The example in the video if I remember correctly is get in around 2.25 and get out around 2.35. The break even with TOS commissions is about 140 shares with .10 increase. 200 shares at .10 take is a $6.05 return with a $463.95 investment including the TOS 13.95 commission. Question How do you calculate how many shares to buy? Do you have a standard amount in a standard price range? I find that most stocks under $10 go up an average of .05 unless there is a large volume even greater than in the example video. Thanks
Dragan Soldat (8 months ago)
where did this clown from MI disappear
Kenneth Garcia (8 months ago)
how many shares do you typically buy in this play
Wolf of Day Trading (8 months ago)
Hey Connor whts your email address ?
Rita Richards (8 months ago)
Very helpful and interesting. I am looking forward to learning more from you. Thanks for sharing.
J McGHee (8 months ago)
really good information thank you for sharing
CALI 817 (8 months ago)
great info thank u
Mike C (9 months ago)
thinkorswim is free? it says it costs $9.95/month. Ever try tradingview.com?
Gwent Champ (9 months ago)
I see your filter is looking for volume greater than 2000. What volume is that ? Relative volume? Average volume? I have thinkorswim but I can't figure out what exactly that "volume" is.
Gwent Champ (9 months ago)
Ok, "volume" here means "shares traded" in the current trading day excluding after hours. So theoretically this means the "volume" should be zero at 09:30
erka null (8 months ago)
I'm not advertising this platform but I like option in Plus500 where you got risers and fallers which is great - and xtb also have tool "market analyser" both are free
erka null (9 months ago)
1:15 have you fart? :D sorry I just couldn't resist
Christopher Fletcher (18 hours ago)
Marisel Delgado Tv (4 days ago)
book b (30 days ago)
Ur good at picking up farts so you have great potential for picking winning stocks
Tom Tom (3 months ago)
Lmao yes. Didn't even notice until I replayed the vid
Deepak Sharma (9 months ago)
hey great video p lease provide some more like that
Anis Hersi (9 months ago)
Hi Connor appreciate your videos their really helpful. I traded a break of premarket high recently (SSC), and their was volume and it was steadily increasing premarket. However as soon as it broke i bought and it slowly downtrended back down. Do you recommend a time usually to enter (1st green candle/3rd candle)?
Mr. OK (9 months ago)
Do you live off of day trading?
RAFE Alexa (9 months ago)
Very good video. I'm impressed but you fail to let your subscribers know that bid and ask will kill any small market moves. Hence very little profit. Not to mention Broker commissions. Maybe 1000 dollar trade will take care of that. Thanks for the video.
Ray Sajulga (10 months ago)
Title should contain "every day", not "everyday".
The Sha Sisters (10 months ago)
Darn i wish i would have found ya page before i made a robinhood. could have had a free stock lol
I C (10 months ago)
This platform is really awesome. The customer support even scripted a custom study for my demo account. As for realizing trades with this platform, I have to say now that I got it set up and familiarized myself with it sufficiently, I love its complexity as much as I initially loathed it. However, study filters seem to be disabled in demo accounts.
razzy p (10 months ago)
You say you have a 1min chart.. 5min chart and a Daily chart.. but what time frame do you enter a trade?
The Boiler Room (10 months ago)
+Arthur Eminovski 1 minute always
Rai True (10 months ago)
I don't understand the float thing and the percentage change how to read it and use it to my benefit can you do a video explaining that
Curtis Wright (10 months ago)
Great information!
Jake A (11 months ago)
How are you able to split the screen into 4 like that? I want to be able to study one stock at a time with 4 charts up

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