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Head to head Challenge- Toro Hydraulic Log splitter vs Powerking Kinetic Log splitter

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Is a Kinetic wood splitter better than a Hydraulic log splitter. We are going to find that out and who makes the Best Log jack. Quality vs speed to find out which is the best wood splitter for the money. Log ox Here: https://amzn.to/2LatT0R Powerking Log splitter: https://amzn.to/2uy32Sj
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Greg Wallace (10 hours ago)
Elliot .....when you split the wood....throw it off to the side and back and you will not have the problem of moving your splitter.
Greg Wallace (10 hours ago)
The hydraulic splitter is old technology.
Greg Wallace (10 hours ago)
Your just trying to talk yourself into believing you did not get screwed buy the Toro unit. The Kinetic splitter in most cases is just a better splitter.
tsoueddie (15 hours ago)
I found a video of their newest kinetic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=834R3KPLpVE
Ventrac (2 days ago)
Cool Video, Stan .... we've always wondered about those kinetic splitters.
Ben Miller (4 days ago)
I can spil thow any wood
Ben Miller (4 days ago)
I own a firewood company and the toro Log Splitter is fast its better to hail it to people's house I can hail my small track loader and my spiler
Gregg Neuer (5 days ago)
Interesting study, one has filters, pumps, hoses, cylinder, valves, and hydraulic oil. The Powerking has none of these maintenance components. Just grease the ram. Powerking PK0303 is built for residential use and was overloaded to the max on this video, I was pleased it did well. Just a note for the future, in the directions it shows the hitch is reversible and stores under the work table. Look under your unit, there is a mounting bar for it. This keeps it out of the way when wood splits off the end and keeps it out of the wood pile so you can turn the unit when done and tow it it away. When splitting to the rating on the Kinetic at 1 Sec cycle time vs 12 sec cycle time on hydraulic you will find Kinetics 6 times faster as your not waiting for ram deployment and retraction. BTW Donnie Hazelwood comment is spot on, Powerking has a PK0342 42 ton with patented ABS and Brake Clutch technology that is the proper unit to compare for Commercial use which has heavy tread plate table. wheel jockey, swing away hitch, log cradles, big metal frame, all the stuff you need for big wood. You tested a residential splitter. Good video though, thanks for all the good comments on the Kinetic, I liked the video a lot, the 34 ton did perform well on the over all test. Keep up the good work guys, I was impressed. Gregg Neuer - Founder of Powerking - Las Vegas NV.
MPO (5 days ago)
should be titled young vs old or right equipment vs wrong equipment
John me (6 days ago)
One thing I'm concerned about is the warranty. I was looking at a Power King wood chipper And they proudly proclaim a "Commercial 3 year warranty" but when you look, you will find that that is ONLY the engine that is covered. The rest of the machine has a 30 day warranty. 30 DAYS! Talk about a vote of no confidence. If they don't have any more faith in it, why should I? So I wondered about the splitter. (Don't assume, LOOK) Engine Warranty Kohler engines are covered with a 3 year commercial warranty for command pro series. Parts and Labor are covered. Visit your engine manufacture for warranty details or visit www.QVtools.com Equipment warranty Manufactures defects of chassis and components parts are covered for 30 days. Parts only are covered.
macspud28 (7 days ago)
Power King does a faster more powerful Powerking Kinetic log splitter than that one but why didn't you get a Super Splitter, the original kinetic log splitter, they've been around for 40 years and there are some of their original spilitters are still in daily use.
Ray Zickrick (7 days ago)
Stanley, your uncle Harvey and your cousin Brad and I put up TONS of firewood. Now I burn mostly 34" logs in my outdoor boiler.
john w (8 days ago)
He talks too much.
Nauhteeboy (8 days ago)
Turned out pretty much like I expected. The kinetic splitter works well on small, medium wood of uniform grain that's NOT green. The hydraulic splitter don't care what you feed it. It just humps.
Will (8 days ago)
1:54 haha spot on! I have some friends who are homeschooled and i can tell you they are the same way!
Haha that's great 👍
Justin Banks (8 days ago)
1:55 same.
Love the music.
roman palleschi (8 days ago)
And I know how to operate genie lifts to my dad has 4 genie lifts he has 3 45 foot lift and 1 65 foot lift crazy shuff
roman palleschi (8 days ago)
I know to Operate heavy machinery like backhoes excavators skid steer and more like that
Kevin Raively (8 days ago)
You gotta let that ram go all the way back each time on the kinetic log splitter before pulling the lever or your gonna destroy the rack way before it's time.
Captn Jack (9 days ago)
Will take a hydraulic log splitter anyday. Have one for over 25 years. Never found a log it could no split, including aged Osage orange.
Mark Gutekunst, DC (9 days ago)
You also had 2 operators on the kinetic splitter and 1 with the toro. Operators are expensive.
WildXNature (9 days ago)
You didn't do a cost comparison.
WildXNature (9 days ago)
The two small wheels in front, in mud will actually be harder to move than just two.
thunderstorm collyn (9 days ago)
Hey do you go team Detroit offten
Lucas Van Blaricom (9 days ago)
You just did this so they split all your wood Stan
Louis Roy (9 days ago)
I think the real winner is Stanley, he has all this wood split and ready to go
Mark Chatman (9 days ago)
Should be two fucking idiots vs a guy with a brain
Charlie Mohr (9 days ago)
But you never said in the video a very important thing price of your hydraulic log splitter
Gordon Ward (9 days ago)
Hey Stan, you gotta do a video on the birds i keep hearing in the background. Curious what they are.
Nathan Brodeur (9 days ago)
Stan less than 700 subscribers till 200,000 subscribers
Tractor Tech (9 days ago)
If frankie ran the kinetic splitter, it would be faster. He knows how to split wood with an axe, so he will know how to load it on the splitter properly. It would make a huge difference on that light duty kinetic.
Zach Smisek (9 days ago)
Sorry but Elliot is a fucking potato get rid of that dumbass
howedy ya'll (9 days ago)
jockey wheel
howedy ya'll (9 days ago)
do they make one for like fer roofing large rolls of rubber
Carroll Sanders (9 days ago)
After watching this I think I will stick with the old 50 year old home made would splitter with the dozer cylinder.
john doe (9 days ago)
It will come down to cost for homeowners. Most will burn 5-6 cords a year so the kinetic will be more than enough and it might last 10 years or longer with good Maintainance. The toro will last a lifetime for a homeowner but most will not spend the money for that machine. I would like to see a side by side of chippers(homeowner size 5" opening)
shexdensmore (9 days ago)
I could see both being used together effectively with a team of 4. Anf then PRIORITIZING the logs All the smaller or easily split logs is used by the kinetic splitter,for the ones that will take more than 2 hits on the kinetic splitter, the hydraulic splitter is used.
KEEPER B. Jr (9 days ago)
it's been fun guys keep them coming
Thanks man will do!
mathew wyrick (9 days ago)
So he likes big logs and slow ha
mathew wyrick (8 days ago)
Greg Shearer ha ha
Greg Shearer (8 days ago)
mathew wyrick well no he prefers to be able to process any log he wants
Chris Rogers (9 days ago)
The smart thing to do with the connetic splitter is leave it hooked to the truck and as it splits toss the pieces in the truck so you're not double handling it.
H M (1 day ago)
Took 2 hours to ring and split and stack on my own
H M (1 day ago)
Chris Rogers https://photos.app.goo.gl/r6YyVKUFNQSNjGzS7
Karl Armbrust (7 days ago)
I like to roll my big logs into the bucket of a tractor or skid steer and tote them to the splitter. Much easier to roll it out of the waist high bucket than to muscle them off the ground.
Thank for the input Chris!
To much fun with gas (9 days ago)
It's been said before " the winner is Stans wood pile"!!
KEEPER B. Jr (9 days ago)
Lmao ok guys. it just hit me he's getting you guys to split he's wood for him less he has to do :))))))
Andrew Merkel (9 days ago)
Stan is the real winner here... getting his wood split and he don't have to touch it...genius
yoyo yoda (9 days ago)
I'm greedy I have both😎
yoyo yoda (8 days ago)
but I have a timberwolf....100% better than the toro...
John Nixon (8 days ago)
Same here, 25 ton hydraulic for the big stuff and a 7 ton kinetic for the small stuff
KEEPER B. Jr (9 days ago)
safety first!!!! were are your ear plugs
luc belcastro (9 days ago)
You should do a video on Takeuch skid loaders
I'll keep that in mind, thanks
KEEPER B. Jr (9 days ago)
looks like he needs a sledgehammer for the ones that get stuck
Watkins 7212 (9 days ago)
The Toro team is actually splitting the wood to fit a stove!!
Caden Kundinger (9 days ago)
You need a 4 way wedge
Legacy Oblivion (9 days ago)
1000th view
Noah Crooker (9 days ago)
4:56 is the best dad joke lol
showcattle07 (9 days ago)
Now compare the cost of each?
Ezequiel Ortega (9 days ago)
I process 200 cords of wood with $1400 dirty hand tools log splitter from Lowe's. It's worked fine for over five years now.
Alex Matthews (9 days ago)
Ezequiel Ortega Ive got two of them and have processed thousands of cords. They are completely worth the money
Rapidfury13 (9 days ago)
Didn’t I watch this 3 times on separate vids
david studer (9 days ago)
Try Timberwolf TW 7 and upside down Bobcat splitter saves everybody's back
Don Hanson (9 days ago)
You could have really messed with him and used a firewood processor. Lmao
John Myers (9 days ago)
For 30 plus years my dad and I cut, split and stacked a minimum of 500 cord a year . I started out with an “AMERICAN “horizontal wood splitter. This was a heavy duty commercial splitter keep in mind now. We replaced the motor 3 times because it just slap wore out. Hydraulic valve 3 or 4 times, it just wore out. The pump 2 times, because of ware. The oil filter was in the same spot as yours and never got damaged believe it or not. Since that splitter I bought a “Northern Hydraulic” 30 ton vertical \ horizonal. It’s at about 10,000 cord split with no ware, or major breakage. I also have a 3pt hitch tractor powered splitter but prefer for the most part the northern Hydraulic 30 ton model. My wood ranges from 12” to 52” plus inches across and very Knarly. Hydraulic in my book is the only was to go but . . . For the average urban home owner, kinetic is the way to go. Thanks for the video Stan, I enjoy them greatly.
Great info, thanks for sharing John!
Kyle Westerlin (9 days ago)
With that type of splitter you keep the truck hooked up to it. Once the wood splits you throw it in the back of the truck with the tailgate down. Perfect for 1/2 cords.
Don Shaw (9 days ago)
Another great video, Stan. You and the kids make some really good points concerning log splitters.
Thanks Don 😀
Jeff Selchow (9 days ago)
What about that PowerSplit? www.powersplit.com
Rex DukeR (9 days ago)
Went and check the video out. Pretty cool. But the foot level scares the hell out me. One step to many and bye bye fingers.
WITH THE NICK (9 days ago)
Stanley, I love these comparison videos keep up the good work
Thanks man 👍
Mr T (9 days ago)
I notice that there was a guy with brains using the hydraulic splitter.
Frank Reading (9 days ago)
You know you can install a jockey wheel for like $100 right?
Tim C (9 days ago)
Can't put time on safety. Hydraulic splitter is the only way to go
Donnie Hazelwood (9 days ago)
If your gonna compare it to the biggest hydraulic splitter you should get the biggest kinetic splitter to be fair. The same company has a bigger stronger kinetic splitter. Just saying!
J S (9 days ago)
1:43 💀😂😂
dr. Green Thumb (9 days ago)
It's best to have an extra set of hands when handling your massive log.
SUBI 13 (9 days ago)
This kid is annoying
Frank Reading (9 days ago)
I quite like what he has to say, if his voice is a bit annoying.
R.C White Bois Lol (9 days ago)
Love your videos dude you've helped me learn much about landscaping
Awesome, thanks for letting me know!

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