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Cost of living in Ukraine, Kiev for 1 month

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Hello World (2 days ago)
It is more expensive than to live in Toronto, Canada. In Toronto: rent - CAD1100, Food for a month - CAD400, Transportation - CAD140. Considering that 1US = 1.35CAD - Kyiv is more expensive.
Mohan Lal (10 days ago)
Ukrian is fastest growing country now very soon ukrain will be growing a higher and richer country . After I saw this video i love this country
Adam Eden (12 days ago)
It sounds expensive. Thanks.
Nilima Baruah (15 days ago)
hello you are very pretty. very fruitful info thanks😋😗
Dinesviseuls (17 days ago)
Hi olga..
Mohsin & Jenny (20 days ago)
Too expensive olga
Ramu singh Rajput (25 days ago)
please give me your watsap number....I want to go Ukraine
Hi ,miss Olga 728 USD this is too much.A Bus Driver,or a average Income person (20 USD per day).How they live in kiev , Ukrain. So u upload a clip with more information about cost of living in countryside,village areas..
Harmesh Singh (1 month ago)
hi dear pls send me visa info
ArAsHi MaSoUmi (1 month ago)
can i come to Ukraine to live forever?⚘
Hello World (2 days ago)
Some people did this coming from US and Canada and they left it after 3-4 months swearing that they never come to Ukraine again. I don't know real reasons but I've met two of them.
ArAsHi MaSoUmi (1 month ago)
Hi🌷🌷 you're so beautiful 😊🌹
Efraim Monsale (1 month ago)
boh70326 (1 month ago)
Weird a bit , I spent 3 months there , found a decent apartment in an "elite" complex for 190eur/month , one month deposit , food extremely cheap, transportation ridiculous, but pls don't forget and don't expect the quality of goods and service like in EU , people are not friendly ,extremely rude if you don't speak the language and lazy as hell .. well yes , there are plenty of girls ..ready to make you happy even if you re a nerd indian guy .. but I have to say that all the Eastern European countries ..plus Russia are basically the same ..It's just their "communist" attitude still on , if you come to deal with govn office or even in an hospital you will realise that communist approch n mentality iis still on ;) funny isn't it
Jay MyLotto (1 month ago)
I find these prices to be very unlikely considering that the average salary in Ukraine is like, $300
Kyiv - ukranian translit (Kiev - rassian)
abdulilah assultan (1 month ago)
How I come to Ukraine
alex benner (1 month ago)
Can’t wait to go there!👌🏼
fuckyoutubelogin (1 month ago)
huh? And i've heard from other sources that an average ukrainian employee, in lviv for instance, earn about 300-400 usd a month? how can they come by?
Rei Brasileiro (1 month ago)
That was awesome 😎👌🏾
William Simmons (2 months ago)
As Oscar once said..."don't drink the water !"
Hello, (Olga Reznikova) (Congratulations), for your great videos and great subjects, I turned your fan for your great work, I am still knowing this wonderful Country with certainty and to be able to bring my dear half, the woman of my life, of Ukraine , because I love the passionate women of Ukraine, and most certainly I will marry my beloved Ukrainian, and bring her to my country, Brazil that is Tropical with beautiful beaches, and a typical food formidable, my city is São Paulo , SP - I love Ukraine, and its culture! , when I travel to this wonderful country, will be a dream, obs: with different cultures ?, called cultural shock, by many, but we just have to win, knowledge and passion and we do not have the problem of clash of cultures? , it is very simple, because when you love the cultures come together, And finally we have a fusion (cultural) In the name of Love ..., and so it will always be for each other, because Love does all this and I believe in it , OBS: one more (Congratulations) (Olga Reznikova) for your work!, Well here I leave my Email ([email protected]) for those who want to make friends from another country, stay with God. 10/09/2018
Justice Just (2 months ago)
Ukraine is full with shit. Not even worth 1 dollar
sullenday (2 months ago)
I would like to spend a month with you in Kiev.
M.Y.O. H. (2 months ago)
Why couldn't you wait to finish this video and eat whatever is that you ate later? You have crumbs on your lips! You are sloppy; your facial expressions and voice is annoying. Ukraine, is a third world country. That's why it's cheap to live there.
Lonnie Christopher (2 months ago)
.....seems like Prague is cheaper.....Kiev or Prague.........hmmmmm......
Timothy Dingman (2 months ago)
I got to live in Budapest for three months (2016). 600. Eu for everything (including internet) but food and wine. A bottle of wine was $1.70 A good bottle of wine was $3.00. A good meal at a restaurant (for 2) was about $20. I was within a block of a subway but could walk to the Central Market. Incredibly good fresh foods (protein and Veg) for prices so low, I'm ashamed that I didn't overpay. Every Saturday I could see a live concert at a 100 seat room at the Liszt house for $1.80 per seat. The day after I returned to the states, I had a burger and a beer at a local chain restaurant and paid more than I paid for the most extravagant dinner I had in Zagreb.
Hendra Warman (2 months ago)
like videos song,,,ha ha ha,,
Konrad Arndt (2 months ago)
Nah. I live in the city center of Berlin in an apartment with 140 sqm and I pay 900 Euro. I have been to Kiev about 10 times because of work and comparing Ukrainian living standard to our living standard... sorry... no... you guys can rent a decent apartment outside of Kiev city center for 300 dollars. A really decent one. But don't.... don't !!!! drink or boil the fucking water!!!
d da (2 days ago)
is it unsafe?
Dj Robbie Rush (2 months ago)
Cheaper than some places
cowpoke02 (3 months ago)
in major city 500 month is cheap . move next to the ghetto . haha. stay there soon enough .. look around .. decide a new homeland .
Michael Tuttle (3 months ago)
I spend about $160 to $200 on lodging only. Usually almost that much on travel, as I get bored being at home. Many wonders are out there! Underground caves, homes of notable people in history to tour. I toured Ilya Repin's home. I like to paint on rough "Repin" style canvas. I spent closer to her projection for my first month, over $325, on Air bnb actually, but it annoyed me that I had a servant for housecleaning, and that was before I knew the words yes and no.
Michael Russell (3 months ago)
Kiev my ass. Wait for those Russian tanks to roll on Krishshatik and level your city down. How much will your girls cost then? Skolka kapeyki?
uday mahulkar (3 months ago)
olga if you are single then i just want to live , love and travel all over the world with you, please apply to me love from me rest of all things like money, cloths,travel,sex,kiss or hug from you, as i can give you only love
utkarsh srivastava (3 months ago)
Tambaaku khaati ho ka behn😂
Interesting view for foreigners and not for locals.
Naima Hassan (3 months ago)
Are u still in ukraine
Jim Bondoc (3 months ago)
hi..im from philippines
Basim Trki (3 months ago)
Mustafa Jamal (3 months ago)
What about the salary of employees at there? Can you talk about them too please?
dominic k (3 months ago)
So a normal Ukrainian busdriver couldn,t live in kiev,because he will not make 728 euro,s a month! Olga thinks that Ukraine is Europe hahahaha
Suleman Sheikh (4 months ago)
Как в городке Харькове?
rajesh kumar (4 months ago)
Looking so sweet wanna huge u baby
Crusieth Maximuss (4 months ago)
SUKHVEER SINGH (4 months ago)
Hi how are you
john lee h (4 months ago)
Hello. I'm looking for a travel companion from Italy ..
Sargent bologna (4 months ago)
Can I live on $500 a month?
Soumyakanti Chakraborty (4 months ago)
Nice information. Thanks. I'm Indian and I've been planning a holiday to Ukraine.
50,000 also for fee when you are kidnapped 😅
Dominika Domaczaja (4 months ago)
It's expensive. In Poland It's cheaper.
Dominika Domaczaja ,yes kiev is more expensive a average Income people
yco67 (4 months ago)
or you can search more deeper for the apartment and live 500-600$ in central places..
Arnold Catiil (4 months ago)
for ten days miss Olga maybe how much
Olga Reznikova (4 months ago)
divide for 3 and you will get amount
teucer4 (4 months ago)
You forgot to budget for hookers.
Shib Nath Banerjee (4 months ago)
audio is very poor
shirley porter (4 months ago)
Hello Olga, can you answer a couple of questions for me pease. Would the English version of he name Annie be different in Ukrainian and do you know anything about the Pukuttia dialect spoken in Ukraine? Thank you
shirley porter (4 months ago)
Olga Reznikova so Anna is the same name as Annie? My grandfathers name was Parfey, is there an English version? I think my family called him Fred or Percy.
Olga Reznikova (4 months ago)
Annie you mean Anna?
An Artist’s Tales Art (4 months ago)
What streets can I find the prostitutes? This is not a joke. I want to know where the hookers are at in Kiev
TVN dno (3 months ago)
you want meet brutal Ukrainian Bandera mafia?
Moukhles Barakat (4 months ago)
Hi Olga thanks for the information, I have 2 questions: how much it cost to issue a new passport for Ukrainian woman? How much it cost use internet cafe everyday for one month?
ronsamx (5 months ago)
Wow so cute i swear
carlos way (5 months ago)
What about bounce you
iLLYRIA DarDania (5 months ago)
tcdp (5 months ago)
I don't believe this! Ukraine is very cheap. USD 700 on the cheap side is too much for this country for one month! AirBnB has appartments from USD11 but nobody would pay 11 for 30 days, when you need long time lodge then cost would come down so your USD 500 for lodging is wrong. Food and moving around expenses are relative. BTW, nobody would stay so long in one place only. Sorry but I don't believe you!
boneymaxfield (5 months ago)
Arturo Alcala (5 months ago)
Greetings from Chicago Illinois 🌺
Arturo Alcala (5 months ago)
Can you please help me - show me around when I get there?
Arturo Alcala (5 months ago)
Thanks thanks great información
Very expensive for said...no good your house ....
R (5 months ago)
Thanks my dear olga i want come for visit Ukkraine and want to help all time there i want stay there for 90 days and want to appartment and all your services please reply how can i cannect to you thanks my sweet dear Rakesh Gupta
Alan Jones (5 months ago)
So if you find a nice sexy, hard working girl, it then becomes half the cost off living there, mmmmm. Yes/ no?. Haha.
afsan hasan (5 months ago)
+8801728259659 CALL ME L PLS
TVN dno (3 months ago)
Ukrainian mafia call you
DNN CLASSIC MOVIES (5 months ago)
US dollar right?
American Patriot (6 months ago)
Olga you are gorgeous! Great video too...
Stephen (6 months ago)
How about other cities in Ukraine? Kiev must be the most expensive Are people user friendly?:)
Blaster53 (6 months ago)
WTF who wants to go to Nazi Ukraine? Except our western mercenaries no one with a brain. In Ukraine are crime and violence beyond description. Common guys get a grip for that fuck hole paying 2200 US$ a month and people earn not even 250 US$ a month. I can get the best looking Ukrainian babes over here in Berlin for a 30 EUR whole night, why would I want to go to sick Ukraine if all the best looking Ukrainian babes are here as the cheapest prostitutes.
TVN dno (3 months ago)
Do you want meet Ukrainian mafia, we will search fot you faggot
Peter Sanders (6 months ago)
McRocket (6 months ago)
Interesting video...thanks. $18 for internet and transportation?!? That is INCREDIBLY CHEAP by North American standards. Food is about the same here. Rent? Varies wildly over here.
Jeff D (6 months ago)
I heard on different 2018 web sites cost of living most apartments are actually closer to US $250-300 a month
Bobby Dee (3 months ago)
She doesnt have a clue
dominic k (3 months ago)
Jeff,you are right, for 500 euro a month you can even live in a good hotel in Kiev and for sure you can rent a normal flat for 300 euro!
How in the living hell is it $740 a month to live there, when the average pay of a Ukrainian is about $175 per month. And everything you showed is like bottom of the barrel living. How on earth can a Ukrainian live in Kiev if the average guy makes such little money? You must have some serious corruption going on if your people are making such little cash.
Stephen (6 months ago)
Well, they share accomodation, eat shit food.. How much is mcdonalds bigmac in kiev?
glen allen (6 months ago)
thank you good job
jose garita (6 months ago)
It is not posible.
jose garita (6 months ago)
That s more expensive than living in The USA.
simo 322 (6 months ago)
are you sure 😁😁😁
elgift1 (6 months ago)
Good info
xavier swargiary (6 months ago)
I love u
Eko Wahono (6 months ago)
Thanks for the information very helpful
MrBummy (6 months ago)
how to pay 540 usd for apartment when the minimum wage is not even 145 usd. and i have heard more than 50 percent in ukraine earn just the minimum salery. even 728 usd minus 540 when you dont need to rent an apartment is more than the minimum wage. poroshenko every day talk about raising the minimum wage to over 4200 grivna per month this year. thats 160 usd. and you will see it will not happen this year. it will stay at 3700 or 3800 grivna.
Tanya Nest (5 months ago)
Don’t forget that most Ukrainians don’t pay mortgage, their apartments are from the Soviet time were given them for free and passed to the next generation.
Olga Reznikova (6 months ago)
MrBummy because I am talking about the case when you are renting apartment as a tourist and pay per day. Ukrainian are renting apartment for long term, so it's much cheaper + a lot of people live in their own houses, so you can exclude 540$ at all.
iamtheboxer (6 months ago)
Also... does anyone know if Ukraine has started to become overrun by Somalian and Syrian migrants like the rest of Europe?
TVN dno (3 months ago)
+iamtheboxer they want to implant islam everywhere
iamtheboxer (3 months ago)
dominic k Ukraine isn’t a third world country. That’s why. Economic migrants where go where ever they can.
dominic k (3 months ago)
boxer,why should Somalians or Syrians go to Ukraine,than they can beter stay home because its no beter in Ukraine!
iamtheboxer (6 months ago)
Connor Mitchell where do you stay Connor? Visa?
iamtheboxer (6 months ago)
Connor Mitchell I’m ok with a little racism. Doesn’t bother me. Got to love the left :)
iamtheboxer (6 months ago)
Can someone please tell me... Are we talking about Euro's? That really does sound like a lot of money?
Jatin Prasad (6 months ago)
So these prices do we need to pay according to US $ or Your country currency accordingly.
Ellis Marino (6 months ago)
Wow i never even come close to these numbers but then again i do not go to kyiv but still i might slend in 3 weeks in maybe 500 a month and thats me going out and enjoying life well kyiv is capital its like new york to other parts of the states way to high nice video. I will be back in zaporozhye on my birthday October
Sílvia Antunes (6 months ago)
Hello Olga! I am from Portugal. Thanks for your videos about Ukraine. I am going to Kiev in may for one week to visit. :)
peter russkaya (6 months ago)
I don't want go to Ukraine, cause it's very poor, dirty, dangerous and racist country.
TVN dno (3 months ago)
and Bandera mafia
Vetericus N (6 months ago)
Hi Olga, I love your videos! I have interesting story, I discovered I am part Slavic so I decided to study Cyrillic. I started learning Bulgarian then I went to Russian because its more prominent, but I love the sound of Ukranian! Basically I love Slavic:))) You have a beautiful voice. Thank you for sharing life in Ukraine!
Fatih Besener (6 months ago)
What about in Lviv, Odessa or, Kharkov?
Fatih Besener (6 months ago)
Olga Reznikova what about 2 nights in Moskovich Bar and Bolero Night Club? 😉
Olga Reznikova (6 months ago)
Maybe little less for apartment
Faris A (6 months ago)
Will go to Ukraine after 2 month. Any guide for me 😇.
TaylorSwift Nation (6 months ago)
Can u tell the best jobs
T R (6 months ago)
Ramon Castro (6 months ago)
Very helpful video. Thank You Olga
Milosc Voimsus (6 months ago)
Я Love U Olga.
Daniel Bengtsson (6 months ago)
Thank you Olga! It sounds quite inexpensive.
ENOCH (6 months ago)
so nice olga, thanks so much for the information. appreciate your time. your videos are so informative. great olga !!!

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