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Payloader Basics for beginners- how to run, operate & understand Heavy equipment part 1

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Volvo has sponsored a 6 part series on how to Run a Wheelloader & more Heavy equipment. In this video its basic operation, introduction to machinery components and controls. For more loader info go to: http://bit.ly/2OB4RGz. heavy equipment safety Gear: https://amzn.to/2Oh2uYs My Camera Gear here: https://amzn.to/2Oc9mpQ
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Text Comments (75)
laveturner jones (2 days ago)
The loader we have at work does not alow us to smash the window in case of emergency unfortunately. The windows are 1 inch polycarbonate. Just in case we have a hydrogen explosion
Steven Andrews (6 days ago)
Great post!
Ralph (6 days ago)
Definitely a practical and useful everyday machine for me, but I like them Komatsu loaders the best...
Frank Boschma (6 days ago)
Great video Stan! :)
Hunter Beltran (6 days ago)
influence every institutional stress software hesitate deficit cold accept flash
SogySeal (6 days ago)
Running a loader is simple. Engine wide open. 1.5 tire turns into the pile 1.5 out and 1.5 into the truck, repeat. Dont spin the tires digging. Wait for another truck. Any joystick jerker can do it.
crazygsxr1 (6 days ago)
Any “monkey” can run one. It takes yrs to be a beast and now put a biter bucket on there for demo and loading trucks carrying p&s , it will weed out 90% of operators!!!! QUICKLY
The Lawn Guardian (6 days ago)
Congratulations on 200k subscribers, Stan!
Brandon Skomars (7 days ago)
Stan what brand of loaders have u own in the past
Blackwater House Cork (7 days ago)
Pay Loader for Dummies this isn’t. Six and a half Minutes In and I still don’t Know how to Open the Door.
Chiefaj 47 (7 days ago)
Best advice I ever got was don’t be nervous and never be afraid most people that are trainees have a tendency of being nervous and always always end up failing or freaking out
The Squad Gaming (7 days ago)
Well she looks relaxed lol
Personally I think people should learn how to drive a loader in a small machine so they dig not push
Jim Vincitore (7 days ago)
Got any other helpful points on this stuff. Contract Negotiations. Amendments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEeLtSr81zA
Mike Cowan (7 days ago)
Congrats on 200k saw the Instagram post!
Jim's videos (7 days ago)
If it's any comfort I had the same "learning" experience with an electric fence. :-/
Isak Burak (7 days ago)
Great video. I am fifteen and I have been operating a 48hp Kubota loader and backhoefor over 3 years and am comfortable. However I would love to operate a big wheeled loader like this. Thanks for teaching me more about it.
Isak Burak (7 days ago)
I don't understand what you mean
The Quantum Goat (7 days ago)
Isak Burak talk to this fifteen year old when you can run the backhoe comfortably on a 20 degree slope, sideways, without flipping.
David Vilches (7 days ago)
Awesome video I miss running heavy machines currently running commercial buses and trucks. And who cares what you call a machine everyone has there own name for them anyone who is hung up on that issue needs more work
mike's random vids (7 days ago)
No offense guys but this video is making me cringe because I'm 13 and I understand almost all the protocols and I almost everything that the instructor is saying FYI
Daniel Lamper (5 days ago)
Why does that make you cringe?
OffGridNorthwest (7 days ago)
mike's random vids i think you left out a word fyi
markgriz (7 days ago)
Hearing your wife say "it's huge"....... priceless
Phillip Bonner (7 days ago)
I thought she was going to be able to drive it.... but not to the next video
Timothy Betts (7 days ago)
Completely awesome start of a series. Stan, you are helping the young fellas more than you know. You rock, and your Mrs. rocks more. I can't imagine how you talked her into this series of shoots. She is awesome! God bless. Keep it coming.
Michael Dick (7 days ago)
Did you do all this at the Shippensburg training center?
Sir Wally Gator (7 days ago)
Why do you keep calling these wheel loaders "payloader" Payloader was made by Hugh many years ago. It's a name bran not what it is. In many of your videos you keep calling them "Payloader" Volvo doesn't make the Payloader!! That is as bad as calling all skid steers Bobcats
WITH THE NICK (7 days ago)
I would love to use that payloader
TATiSWEAR (7 days ago)
bucket on the ground with 2 wheels in the air per scoop or you are not doing work
To The Top Crane (7 days ago)
110k lbs?! That's exactly how much removable counterweight that I have for the crane that I operate. 😉. Not to sound like a jerk, but a six part series on YouTube does not an operator make. Anyone can drive a machine. Operating a machine to its potential takes years of experience. An articulated wheel loader is one of the more basic machines in an operators skill sets. Slightly more advanced than a skidsteer. Some of the most important aspects of operation were missed in this. Where do you check the fluids before operating? How do you ensure the machine you are getting ready to operate is indeed safe and ready for work? Pre-operation inspection is paramount to the safe operation of heavy equipment. If a person does not know how to perform one, they should not be in the seat. As a heavy equipment operator, these are some of the things that I feel should be in part 1. Just some constructive criticism, and my two cents.
olds767 (5 days ago)
Ive been on a few jobs in downtown mpls whats really impressive is the guy driving the  crane into tight parking lots  ,  the crane with 15 wheels that all turn  ,   not anyone can do that
To The Top Crane (6 days ago)
Infandous Ktenology, I doubt it. Their tail would probably cause an issue with comfortably sitting in the seat.
Elite Earthworks LLC (6 days ago)
Infandous Ktenology so can you run a crane?
Infandous Ktenology (6 days ago)
Any monkey can operate a crane.
Elite Earthworks LLC (6 days ago)
JasonWorksAlot lol!!
Torsee (7 days ago)
Seriously where does a person get hands on training. Anyone out there want to tell their stories?
Torsee (5 days ago)
gibsonwill18 , Thank you. I'll look into it!
gibsonwill18 (6 days ago)
Torsee rental companies will certify you. I got all my equipment certs from United Rentals “UnitedAcademy”.
JETSPEED117 (7 days ago)
Not to go off track, still love this, keep it up... but how did the retaining wall for the entrance to one of the jobs go? Just curious, the work u do is outstanding, plus im hoping to do a wall next summer...
Mighty Moe Excavating (7 days ago)
Congratulations on 200000 subscribers, your killing it Stanley,I have 20,ty for the entertainment, your wife did great!
bill thompson (7 days ago)
Can I borrow your front-end loader.. I I think it would help me get through rushhour traffic quicker.
Carl williams (7 days ago)
I like when you asked him what size the loader was. Most operators that have been around would tell you what size it is based on a Cat model number, 950 966 size. Being a Volvo rep he couldn’t do that. The worst I ever ran was an International 500 series payloader. The cab was on the front part of the articulation. It was weird.
Carl williams (6 days ago)
SogySeal Yeah not in their product line!
SogySeal (6 days ago)
Tell him you want to see a 992 or 993 or 994 sized volvo... 😂🤣😅
Edit Name (7 days ago)
Carl williams I owned a international huff H60 that was converted to a gas Chevy engine
Joe Schratz (7 days ago)
liked before I saw... love u Stan!
Jason Morehouse (7 days ago)
you need to stop calling it a payloader......that's a brand. this is a front end wheel loader
Joe Schratz (17 hours ago)
... ... ... ok
Nathan Mullaney (5 days ago)
I just call it a loader
Jason Morehouse most people from up north call it a payloader. And considering that he is from Minnesota it just somehow makes sense that he would call it that even though we know that that is not the right term for it. It’s just like some people in other countries call this a bulldozer. For example China.
The Quantum Goat (7 days ago)
Actually a front loader is the loader on a tractor
KYLE BENDER (7 days ago)
Jason Morehouse it’s no different than calling a facial tissue a Kleenex. Kleenex is a brand and not the technical term but everybody on the planet knows what you are talking about when you say Kleenex. So calling it a pay loader isn’t proper but everybody knows what you mean so just calm down
jake from state farm (7 days ago)
Joe Schratz (7 days ago)
Damon Rubin (7 days ago)
That must of hurt
Damon Rubin (7 days ago)

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