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I’m Scared to Start Tanisha

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Don’t miss this boat Because of skepticism And fear...http://bitcointanisha.net Goal 10,000 subscribers Help by subscribing and texting Friends and family my videos And post on your social media Thanks 🙏🏽❤️🔑💰 Learn to sell on Amazon http://Createmyowneconomy.com If you don’t have snapchat Download the app and follow Me for crypto training and Trading @ceotanishamarie You deserve to win
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Text Comments (4)
This Is Your Branding Guy (10 months ago)
Ok Now Whats Going on Now She Say to Kill Yourself Nope Not Me
Tanisha Adjo (10 months ago)
KEEP pushing
Make Her Proud (10 months ago)
Awesome message! So simply but so relevant and clear 👌🏿
Tanisha Adjo (10 months ago)

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