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Poland-Ukraine Graveyard Discovery: New project reveals intricate history of identity and religion

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Historians are uncovering the facsinating history of Polish and Ukrainian religion and identity by restoring ancient graveyards along the border of the two closely-linked countries. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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Text Comments (53)
OverWatchGaming (2 years ago)
Amazing how alful one human can be to another human....
StephenAndrew777 (2 years ago)
Why don't we bury people standing up? It just doesn't make any sense.
1 4 (2 years ago)
Have UPA and Volhynian genocide become taboo words on this channel? To run away from it and to pretend as if nothing really happened is both infantile and counter-productive. 60 million of Poles around the world remember what Ukrainian nationalists have done, whether you guys like it or not. Man up!
vergilius21 (11 months ago)
1 4 Lwów Old Polish city from king Casimir the Great 1350
1 4 (2 years ago)
+orestswystun Your family stories, no matter how dramatic they are, don't change the fact that UPA quite diligently butchered over 100k of defenceless Polish peasants, mostly women and children. The events are well documented, many people who have seen their parents hacked to death with hatchets or being disembowelled alive, are still around. Whoever tries to water down the responsibility for acts of such bestiality is effectively derailing Polish-Ukrainian dialogue before it even really commenced. You're doing a terrible disservice to your people.
orestswystun (2 years ago)
+stoic bunkmate you are right on this note. ruSSian propaganda is doing everything it can to drive a wedge between Ukrainians and anyone else.
orestswystun (2 years ago)
+stoic bunkmate unfortunately for both of us is the truth. The truth is that Stepan Bandera never ordered the massacre, while units of UPA (and for that matter NKVD agents dressed as UPA) were known to have occured we simply don't know at this time. Especially after the war when ruSSia was more than happy to supply false information to fuel the fued.
orestswystun (2 years ago)
+stoic bunkmate and what about when Poles came to kill my grandfather in the middle of the night for teaching Ukrainian history and language? The challenge stoic is that you are vetting your anger towards the wrong people. Those poles (while they were poles) were drunk, and later it was found who gave them the alcohol, and got them all riled up. It was an NKVD agent.
admonster11 (2 years ago)
Stephan Bandera was modern Igor Girkin
1 4 (2 years ago)
+mancuniman I agree 100%.
mancuniman (2 years ago)
+stoic bunkmate I think that the west as a whole is missing, and has missed for a long time, inspiring, charismatic, patriotic leadership, untainted by corruption, selfish political ambition, and wealth. Post Maidan, Ukraine deserves better than Poroshenko and Yatseniyk.
1 4 (2 years ago)
+admonster11 I can agree with you that Ruthenian/Ukrainian leaders have made many disastrous decisions throughout the centuries. My own private explanation for it is that best Ruthenian/Ukrainian genes have been absorbed into Polish culture and statehood. Later many people of that background have proven themselves exceptionally meritorious as great Polish statesmen and die hard patriots. Ukrainians as a nation have recovered and generated new elites but they could never reach capabilities and talents of their predecessors. Thats's my theory, it's not very scientific, I know :)
admonster11 (2 years ago)
+mancuniman Let me point out few things Ukraine were picking wrong heros and wrong sides for centuries, starting with Khmelnytsky and his uprising and somehow a common theme in Ukrainian history is to massacre prisoners of war like after Batoh and after his death you can clearly see what he managed to achieve.... then Peltura if he managed to agree on the fucking borders there would no holodomor. Then the UPA its not only about Volhynian genocide but burning to the ground Warsaw during the uprising Ukrainian SS troops were raping, killing civilian population of Warsaw whole city perished.... then last time Polish president got invited to speak in Rada same date you have choose to enshrine bandera and upa.. this insult wont be forgotten! my friend grandmother was torn apart by horses in a front 4 year old son by their Ukrainian neighbours who went with them last Sunday together to the Church. I find it most disgusting as Germans classified Slavs as subhumans and still they found willing helpers among Ukrainians. Now we help not because we forgot but because we really feel the struggle, private people are bringing food,clothes, body armour to some strangers they never seen in their lives...many Ukrainians study and work in Poland but if we ever se UPA flags or Bandera we will leave you be with Girkin
admonster11 (2 years ago)
+mancuniman Let me point out there is a difference fascists ( Putin and Igor) and nazi Bandera

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