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Canadian Marijuana Technical Analysis Chart 8/27/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (41)
bang your head (3 months ago)
Nothing works for me,, so hearing what works for you is much appreciated
Tolga (3 months ago)
Ty Dan!
don k (3 months ago)
Thx, but volume was kind of low. Talk louder pls...
TheChartGuys (3 months ago)
I am traveling and using a different setup, I just turned my volume all the way up on this video and it is way too loud. I suggest a different device if that is not the case for you.
The Elphant Geek (3 months ago)
What is profit taking mean? I have a 10% profit let's say. Do I take out everything and get back in at a higher price with my profit? Or..
Levin Shum (3 months ago)
Do institutions buy and sell like a day trader or swing trader?
ColtonMetal (3 months ago)
These videos are so informative and fascinating. Thanks
Levin Shum (3 months ago)
Thank you Dan. Learned a lot from you. I became your follower since January 2018. It's very informative to know how the bulls and bears think and act accordingly to protect ourselves. Thanks again for helping the community.
The Don (3 months ago)
HIVE saw a nice inflow today. It seems pot stocks and crypto stocks work like a see saw.
RealizeTheImpossible (3 months ago)
Awesome video thanks!
robizzlor (3 months ago)
Sold APH at 16.2. So fucking happy currently :D I'll get back in later.
Maple Mike (3 months ago)
Your amazing buddy! Thanks for the insight, "Go Get Em!" ....chartguys dan.
wazup3333 (3 months ago)
how do you monitor bear volume from bull volume?
TheChartGuys (3 months ago)
Candlestick shape
don k (3 months ago)
Red bars at bottom of picture
Anonymous Man (3 months ago)
Interesting you made mention of the $10k long hold as I'm in a similar position right now. We'll see how things go tomorrow, I'll probably just do what I want...
dee nixon (3 months ago)
Thank you Dan!... the fact you are giving out all of these insights and tutorials is very selfless of you. I look forward to these daily videos like I used to look forward to watching 3's compnay back in the day.....
dee nixon (3 months ago)
... no idea why that came to mind :)
Joshua M (3 months ago)
I made several short calls before the run up with a 1/3rd expiring 9/21 and the rest 10/19. All are in CGC, CRON, MJ and a few in XXII. Currently, yielding nearly 20x return -would you let them ride out? I appreciate your time and thank you in advance.
Hedgehog Fox (3 months ago)
An epic bounce is coming.
뷰티풀뚝배기 (3 months ago)
marketwatch just published an article comparing pot stocks to bitcoin lol you called it, we heard it.
David (3 months ago)
Great video Dan! I was wondering if you could commit a video to the US Cannabis Market?. $CVSI, $MPXEF, $CNNRF, $ITHUF, $TLRY, $XXII. Thanks!
Wading InWeed (3 months ago)
Thanks brother!
DanK00707 (3 months ago)
tomorrow is going to be fun!
David Y (3 months ago)
as you said lol on Q - https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/cannabis-firms-worth-nothing-right-now-portfolio-manager-warns-1.1129039
Ace G (3 months ago)
Knowing what you know now, would one have been more profitable trying to day trade these stocks, or simply buying on the constellation news and holding/swing trading?
Ace G (3 months ago)
I am shocked that Tilray pulled back the least today, by far the least, after running the hardest...makes no sense
Ace G (3 months ago)
+TheChartGuys thanks man..you're the best
TheChartGuys (3 months ago)
Buying and holding but that is because we have not pulled back yet. Pull back 20%+ and that will likely not be the answer.
Moses Cruz (3 months ago)
Dan, how do people day trade when you have to wait 3 days for cash to settle on fidelity after a trade? New to trading here lol. Thanks for the vid!
TheChartGuys (3 months ago)
over $25k and you use margin which settles instantly... or options settle in 1 day. Most brokers take 2 days to settle cash positions now.
crypto bits (3 months ago)
Have you ever used FIB in your videos to help add confidence to 5m,1h,4h or D equilibriums or support and resistance or to forecast a possible turning point? Or do you use it off screen or not?
TheChartGuys (3 months ago)
I dont use fibs
Hainezy (3 months ago)
Sold cron way too early, impatiently waiting now
dee nixon (3 months ago)
Emily D (3 months ago)
Awesome video, thank you so much Dan!
Topher Dowling (3 months ago)
Need a pull back to load more!
Maple Mike (3 months ago)
Did the same in the june rally....
Topher Dowling (3 months ago)
Maple Mike ya- expected earlier pull back.
Maple Mike (3 months ago)
pulled the trigger early eh?
sundin57 (3 months ago)
So pumped for this video, thanks as always Dan!

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