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How to Survive a Dog Attack

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How to defend a dog attack? What should you do if you're attacked by a dog? Should you run or fight? There is the only one way to survive. You are enjoying your morning run in the park before work, and then suddenly a stray dog runs up to you, looking like it’s ready to attack you. Here are the most helpful recommendations of experts on how to keep yourself safe from dogs or what to do if you get attacked. TIMESTAMPS Who is at risk? 0:35 Avoiding the attack 0:58 Defending yourself 4:04 After the attack 5:19 SUMMARY - Most of the time joggers, cycles, and other fast-moving people get attacked. - Don’t panic. Don’t try to run. Stand still. Don’t make eye contact. Make fists. Distract the dog with another object. Command the dog to «Back away!». - Fight back. Yell for help. Protect your face and neck. - See a doctor. Report the dog. Tell us about your experience with dog attacks in the comment section below and share this video with your friends to keep them safe. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (4 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS Who is at risk? 0:35 Avoiding the attack 0:58 Defending yourself 4:04 After the attack 5:19
Durga Kursam (7 days ago)
KaRnAGe Gaming (8 days ago)
I'm faster than my puppy
Nemanja Palija (9 days ago)
Walker Wan (13 days ago)
Who is at risk?.. A bicycle, because dog will chase the people that run from the dog..when you stop, the dog only barging at you
ARYANAH WITT (16 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE I love you . You are the best
40avo (6 hours ago)
Two stray dogs tried to attack me a few days ago. Instinctively I started roaring as loud as I could and charged in their direction. As tough as they seemed at the beginning, they got scared and ran away. Jungle law applies to humans as well - If you wanna survive, you have to become a beast!
beanchanged (9 hours ago)
I use an air horn. Works like a charm
Improve Yourself (9 hours ago)
How can you stand still then throw something and create a sudden movement!? Wouldn't the dog you're moving to attack it and attack you?
Africam Highlights (17 hours ago)
The "how to avoid being attacked" was fine, until he got to the fist part, and went downhill from that... Just seriously!
Brooke Colvin (19 hours ago)
This is gonna be hard for me because each time I see a dog running after my instinct is to run.
Leati Joseph (19 hours ago)
Just do one thing Bro , kicked to his neck and a bite to my leg 😂😂😂😂
이택주 (20 hours ago)
Just kick and remove skin !!
Matt Warrington (23 hours ago)
I shouted to the owner to take control of the dog as it was coming towards me or I would stab it. They did not so I assumed they couldn't take control of The dog and stabbed it repeatedly in the head to stop it attacking me. That's how to survive a dog attack
brian lupinsky (1 day ago)
the best is a ballpeam hammer can bust up his head
DeadBunny69 (1 day ago)
Two things I learned from experience. 1. Talk to the dog in a friendly higher tone voice that you'd speak to your own animals when praising them and being affectionate. It's owner or a person who it came in contact with in the past who it had a positive experience with undoubtedly spoke to it in this manner. Most dogs will hear and take this as a familiar and friendly interaction. Case in point: I was walking on a nearly deserted beach one early morning when I observed in the distance a stray dog run from the dunes and attack an elderly woman. As I ran to render aid the dog turned and charged at me in a very aggressive manner. I immediately picked up a rock to prepared to be attacked. Just as the dog came within striking range, I inexplicably started talking to it in that friendly somewhat baby talk voice we all use to be affectionate to our own pets, "hey baby, are you a good puppy, yes you are, you're a good boy ..." To my surprise this dog who moments before was growing and baring his teeth, who clearly had intentions of biting me, came to a full stop and started waging his tail. In an instant he was my buddy. I couldn't believe how effective it was or my luck. I've always loved dogs and the thought of hurting it came second to my attempt to make friends with it and it worked. 2. If a dog is biting someone and won't let go grab it's hind legs and lift them off the ground. As many have seen in numerous videos when certain breeds of dogs latch on it's impossible, even for the owner, to get them to let go. Hitting them or pulling on them actually makes them more aggressive. Ever play rope toy tug of war with a dog? They live for that stuff. However dogs have this internal balance behavioral reaction that when their rear legs are lifted is triggered and this will more than likely lead to them letting go in an attempt to reestablish their balance.
KILLER CROC (1 day ago)
Who is at risk small kids smaller dogs
king pietro (1 day ago)
Other tips: Hit him with a stick on his nose Make you'rself big like yo uare not afraid of him.(like a gorilla does)
Emanuele ragno (1 day ago)
and what number should i c.... oh right the numbers are different here <-<
ExperiencedGhost (1 day ago)
why should I tell you anything about my own experiences with a dog? You never react on a comment, you commercial Bright Side channel !
Emmanuel De Castro (2 days ago)
Me style that i will run going to the computer shop after2 minutes he didnt see me anymore haha😂😂
Iliya Zverev (2 days ago)
I got chased from a German Shepard one time.
anita deal (2 days ago)
Good advise about how to avoid an attack, but why did the dogs always have to look like Dobermans?
Nilim Kr Chutia (2 days ago)
Once I was attacked by a group of dogs and I started running away but I ran so fast that the dogs stopped.I am feeling like I am very lucky
Hatim Barodiya (2 days ago)
Last time i just hit the dog with my shoes on her eye & some stones in her mouth when it was barking at me
JE B.C. (2 days ago)
At 1:24 it says look dangerous then at 2:40 it says don't look dangerous should I try which works first?
iiCookiezz (3 days ago)
Doge Plays (3 days ago)
I was attacked at a Chinese restaurant ;-;
Laugh in the face of danger
Steven Lawton (3 days ago)
I was once attacked by a very vicious dog which bit my arm, and the only way it let go was by me reaching around and sticking 2 fingers up it's Bum. The calming effect this had on the beast was immediate, but started growling again as soon as I withdrew my fingers. So for the next 20 minutes I had to keep my fingers in there until it was satisfied I posed no threat to it. That dog followed me around for years after that episode.
ronnie shalvis fan (3 days ago)
With German shepherd
remsangi khawlhring (3 days ago)
Maybe... I ... Punch the dog?💪
WallStreet uae (4 days ago)
Another Advice: I Was Chased By A Dog By First. So I Stand Still. And Chase Them. They Leave. Bam. New Advice: Chase Them.
Fun_fuji17 (4 days ago)
What will you do if the dog attacks you? Me: Time to use my blade (pocket knife lol)
Maria Sanchez (4 days ago)
Ariel Ramos (4 days ago)
one time i was walking from school and a dog came running at me and started sniffing me and i got scared i started to call for help my mom came outside to see what was happening i started to run and she or he ran away but i i know i shouldint run
Regina&Rita Hugh (4 days ago)
Put something over the dogs head or Climb the nearest tree u can find. Dogs can't climb trees. Also try running around other people or try to find a cat. If u find something u can jump into that's too high for the dog to jump over GET OVER IT! Try entering the nearest shop u can find or even if it's a corner shop. If u have any money or left over snacks Throw it as far as possible from u. If it doesn't stop following u open a water bottle and spill it on the floor. Dogs crave food and water. If u have something shiny throw it far from u. Try to find a road where cars are coming from a distance that u won't get hit and CROSS it! It's more likely the dog won't make it in time and will be hit by the car. Find a trash can or something big and put it over them. Move behind them if they are charging for u. This will make it go in circles and get dizzy...maybe? Try hiding urself or wear something lightly coloured u have If u wear dark colours the dog will think ur bad and come after u. If u are surrounded by dogs Get your keys or something that can make a Single noise and Throw it! They will go after it! Hope these tips keep u safe. Have a good day. Btw I'm 12 and ik this by TERRIFYING experience and I tried all of these tactics and it worked. :)
Regina&Rita Hugh (4 days ago)
I meant Something that could make a Ding or Tingly noise like keys or metal also try running around a metal pole if it chasing u
nick fury (4 days ago)
Im faster than
Upgrade Tech (5 days ago)
It happened so fast you don't have much time to think
Upgrade Tech (5 days ago)
When the dog try to bite you bite him first 😉
it's me_ your boy (5 days ago)
If A dog bite you bite bACK
P SB (5 days ago)
Yesterday when I was taking morning walk, a random stray came in front of me and start sniffing near my groin area, what does that mean and how should I react in such situations ???
ann smith (5 days ago)
Carry a weapon, knife screwdriver. If dog attacks stab stabstab..perefer neckand throat. Also cuss at the dog " you will get killed *$_&&&n with me $$_&(88-ker
Duran Escobar (5 days ago)
This is so fake cause i look away from a dog and he tryed to attack me so fake and if you try to make it scared he would probably get mad😠
Rijan Thapa (5 days ago)
But problem is there's no time to think calmly when dog attack 😂
Anamaria Dincă (6 days ago)
This morning, a dog wanted to attack me. I was lucky, ‘cause I escaped easy: I just tried to don’t look at him and then he let me go, Now I know better how to defend a dog attack 😁
My dad faced a rootwiler before and I almost hit the dig with a stick
Power Dude (6 days ago)
One time a dog tried to hurt me but I outrun it can u believe that and I did not get hurt:)
Oliver Kdlck (6 days ago)
Don't throw the water bottle away, instead throw water on the dog.
Oliver Kdlck (6 days ago)
Don't throw the water bottle away, instead throw water on the dog.
Rasel Choudhury (6 days ago)
My best advice is keep a gun with you. At the last moment shot it.
redfullpack (6 days ago)
at 2:15, dont stare and suddenly give the attacking dog a hard kick to its throat. make sure you wear boots
My video (6 days ago)
You are correct
Soul Lancaster (6 days ago)
my phone have no more memory space?
معراج رينه (6 days ago)
Best information
Jeny Rai (7 days ago)
I was walking and the place was new. My father was walking in front 9f me nit that close not too far ...when he pass a shop he saw a dog but the dog was facing the other side and when I was about to pass i make a eye contact whith that dog he slowly came towards me as I was passing and within a second that dig grabbed my side part if left leg near to my knees i yell and put my legs away . I got a small scratch.
Tazmore (7 days ago)
punch the nose pull the tail hit the neck bring baton make the dog bite the baton instead
Asifa Javadi (7 days ago)
My 7 year old brother got bite by a dog in after school. 😔 we took him to the hospital in the second day. The doctors said he will be ok but after a week my brother’s skin got so red and his skin was itching we took him to hospital again they gave him medicine and he got a little better my brother thought that the doctors would cut his arms because his arms got so red and itchy. So this the 3 week after the dog bite and now my brother’s skin is getting red almost every day and he is so scared 😓 we took him to the hospital again but the doctors just give some medicine and I wish he will get better. Please pray for my little brother 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Anthony Campos (7 days ago)
Call Michael Vick
Josiah Carter (8 days ago)
I got bit by my friends dog
RioSul50 (8 days ago)
I have been gifted by God to have no fear of dogs. I have been rushed by a junkyard German Shepard and within a couple of minutes was petting him and he led me to his masters house. One "date" asked where her dog was when I knocked on the door and entered the house. I told he I just petted him and he was in the back yard. She said "no one" had ever got past that dog and some had been bitten. A couple of weeks ago I was in my garage working and I seen a large Rottweiler about 15 feet from me at the side of my truck. I just said nice puppy and he turned and ran away. I love dogs and I think they know it, like an amateur dog whisperer.
Bass THA Sasquatch (8 days ago)
just watch lethal weapon when mel Gibson gets on his knees and pretends to be a dog..
Life 101 (8 days ago)
I got attacked by a pit bull before. Worse thing about it is that it was a pet not a stray. Owner just walked away
mnym8ts (8 days ago)
Boot it in the stones
s.w. a.l.k (8 days ago)
this is one area that this channel should leave to dog experts. It does not make sense to hit a dog on the nose or anywhere around its head area if it is an attack dog.
Yuan Borja (9 days ago)
One night when im going home running home with my mommy. Later i hear a. Dog and then i run even faster and. Reach my house safely
Djx6 trowers (9 days ago)
when i was little ran from the dog and it didn't catch me and it was a German Shepard
Hustle Bustle (10 days ago)
Hmmmm mmmmm like that mail man over there Hahahahahahaha good work
panos papous (10 days ago)
I make a video call to Cesar Millan..........
shayan ali (10 days ago)
My friend got bitten by a dog at Halloween 2018 but another was there and pushed the dog off of him he has a hole in his so u can see thru it
bobby ornelas (11 days ago)
How to survive a dog fight, just get a knife and stab it
Muhammad Danish Rajput (11 days ago)
So there came a time when the area where I live, the block became a home to almost 7-9 dogs. They used to always bark a lot at people and anyone passing by, but i learned from that. I stopped looking at them at all, just passed by as calm as possible even if they barked a lot i behaved like I didn't even care. This way they stopped barking at me after few weeks. And my fear of dogs just went away. Once I went to the market across the street with my friend to buy few things, someone's dog came at us and was barking, he was walking slowly. My friend panicked and started the bike, but i just stood still, didnt listen to the dog. Told me friend to do the same and asked the owner to tell the dog to stop doing this. and the dog just sat down and I went with my friend.
Advance Saito (11 days ago)
Stare the dog in the eye and use your laser eye power😂😂
Advance Saito (11 days ago)
If the dog bite you bite him too 😂😂
Anand Verma (11 days ago)
A dog once chased me just to impress a female 🐕
Annafel Rañin (12 days ago)
I out
David Blackman (12 days ago)
Although I agree with most of the advice you have missed out on two important pieces of information. A barking dog is nervous and unless provoked will not attack you. A growling dog is different as it means to attack you. Eye to eye contact is then important. Do not just look at it but stare at it. At no time cease from staring as it will then attack. A human can usually out stare a dog. This was the advice my Dad gave me. The dog will usually back of. If not hit and ram your fist down its throat to choke it. As to dealing with more than one dog I can advise from experience. At about 20 I was on a 20 mile charity walk with the YMCA. We were walking across a field when 4 Alsatians ran at us barking. I told my friends not to run but to stand still hands at there sided and fists clenched. The dogs circled us an soon calmed down and became friendly. One dog did not want to leave us. We shut it behind a gate but those behind use let it loose. In the end we gave up and it followed me and my mate the rest of the walk about 18 miles back to the YMCA. As we did not know where it came from we decided to take it to the police. The Police laughed when we told them what happened. They said at least the dog had a good walk. My friend gave me a nickname after the event.
João Lucas (12 days ago)
That's nonsense. Everybody knows that you just need to bark louder than it does.
Chea Kimsour (12 days ago)
I aredy bite by a dog
mohammad ali Farahmand (12 days ago)
I was ridding my motorcycle when a big f... dog started chasing me....the road was not paved so i couldn't go faster than 30 KM/h or i may have been toppled.i had no option but to run and the dog could very well run to 40 Km/h.At last i managed to escape the beast only to find out my road was a dead end and i had to turn back again and face the dog yet again .the return leg was twice scary as the first time....but i managed to speed up and lose the f...er.Wow. i really hope no one gets attacked by a dog.it's an awful experience and dog has complete advantage over you in terms of speed and brute force and the will to attack.
SirMario (3 days ago)
Just get off your motorcycle, you are in full motorcycle armor. Pick the dog up by its throat. Punch it in the neck with your reinforced knuckles and kick it with your steel noses.
latonya johnson (12 days ago)
Marquise Eason (12 days ago)
A rot was lose I was walking down the street he came at me I stood there he ran right by me
Joy Mubvumbi (12 days ago)
I was attacked by 6 of them they were so powerful i fell down i kept telling them to back off but i wasnt scared
Walker Wan (13 days ago)
At 3:18 we always have something in our pocket, it is a phone.. You can choose which would you like..your safety or your phone..if I , I would rather to choose be bitten by dog than spending a lot of money to buy a new phone😂
Justice & Liberty (13 days ago)
i would grab a chair and start beating the dog.
Juan Manuel Gimenez (14 days ago)
I prefer grabing a stick and chasing the dog for a couple of blocks.
kinda barabara (14 days ago)
thank you
Moo Juice (14 days ago)
Simon Hall (14 days ago)
I remember playing COD modern warfare 3, I snapped a lot of dogs necks in that game.
Alicia Nicole (14 days ago)
I got bit by a dog
The Global Stalker (14 days ago)
Using a 500mW laser on the dog is also very effective. It will disable the dog's sight and give you time to either stab it dead or run away. It can also be used to counter human attackers. But do not use it if unprovoked, because you will for sure cause permanent eye damage to people and animals.
mountain dew (14 days ago)
Kick the dog in the nuts
faita kariuki (14 days ago)
Once I was attacked by a dog you want to know what I did I knocked it out ya'll must be thinking animal cruelty but it try to bite me I jumped over it that I grab this mouth and hit in the back of the head and knocked it out
Bailey Hillman (15 days ago)
I Have been attacked by two dogs and I did none of these😂
SnipedYoBoi - (15 days ago)
I watched videos like this a million times after a dog bit me once
Gamer *Legend* (15 days ago)
the thing is just do not make it mad
GTR Productions (15 days ago)
always carry a big knife
Pushpa Channappa1232 (15 days ago)
Best tip is carry a rocket launcher wherever u go
Crafting with Sofia (15 days ago)
Your videos actually work and help
rk mishra (16 days ago)
just give some biscuits.
iiFox R (16 days ago)
What do you mean I put ran a dog before
joewillgo (16 days ago)
Telling the dog "Back Away!" might backfire if the dog doesn't speak English. What if it speaks German? Because not all dogs speak English
ARYANAH WITT (16 days ago)
Your the best
Will224000 (16 days ago)
I ran into this problem when I would deliver papers. Get off the bike and as the dog charges kick them in the the lower jaw. They usually bite their tongue and it takes the fight out of them.
Abdallah Z (16 days ago)
Thanks a lot for the video. I had gone through a situation when I was travelling by cycle. I was calm and I stopped . The dog which was chasing me stopped and went somewhere in other direction.

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