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5 IMPOLITE and WEIRD things for Ukrainians

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TheLollerz (1 hour ago)
I live in Kiev with my (ukrainian) wife, and every time we watch your videos we reamain with our jaw dropped. And not in the good meaning.
Emilio Lucero (1 day ago)
Are Women in your country offended if a stranger comes up to them and opens a conversation?
Olga Reznikova (16 hours ago)
Not offended, it just look strange
myis300turbo (2 days ago)
Moving to different areas is normal in America. One of the main reasons is because of job opportunities. If I move from chicago to California I will make new friends so I have a social life. It's one thing taking a train from Odessa to kiev. But if you take a train from chicago to California, it would take 2 days. Either way Слава Украине!
(Olga Reznikova), I love your work, very good themes, great videos (Congratulations), super dynamic! , well I'll still find my face in Ukraine for sure, I love Ukranian women, as well as Russians, but I think I'll take my Wonderful Ukranian Woman to my Country, to be my wonderful Wife, here I leave my Email ([email protected]) my country is a tropical country with great beaches and a typical food fromidable my city is São Paulo -SP- if anyone wants to get in touch for new friends, and they become weddings ... kisses to all and stay with God.
Taj khan Swat (6 days ago)
Olga You are so beautiful
Russell Payne (10 days ago)
seem like quite a close minded race.
Faisal Soudagar (12 days ago)
Kevin Wong (16 days ago)
I am not here to make more [email protected] about Slavic Beauties: I am here to Promote them:) More Russian Women Dating and Marrying Chinese Men! / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfIqPOzrEJI Chinese coal miner has no apartment, no car, no money. Marries Russian Woman! / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsTp9yTL0Kk My Ukrainian Bride: Chinese guy married Ukrainian girl (with subtitles) / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaqqDnblUMI Honestly saying: Why shouldn't they?:) Cheers:)Smile
Snake Bite (17 days ago)
Great video thanks. I was amazed about the ice water bit ! According to Ayurvedic medicine and TCM ( traditional chinese medicine ) drinking ice cold water delivers a temperature shock to the stomach ( temperature: 36.5 to 37.5 celsius ). This in turn leads to various body ailments.
ImperialJohn (17 days ago)
One of my bad points which is sort of part of my humour being from Yorkshire is that I sometimes give backhanded compliments to people. So I will say something nice about a friend and immediately follow it with something negative. It leaves some of my friends sometimes speechless because they are shocked to receive a great compliment and then something they don't like at the same time that they don't know how to respond. Everyone else usually laughs. I don't think I smile that much as a Brit. Maybe I am halfway between the Americans and the Europeans? I think it is maybe a cultural thing though there are a lot of exceptions depending on where you go. I wonder if economics and the weather play any part in making people happy and smile? Those Jamaicans, for example, seem quite a happy bunch of people. Maybe it is what they are smoking I don't know? And Americans have some of the highest income on average in the world and it is still one of the most free countries.
Stormy (19 days ago)
Braces are so gorgeous to me. Девушки с брекетами осень прекрасные)
Fracisco dela pena (22 days ago)
Olga I love you're speaking
Doug Mooney (24 days ago)
You need to change that look, terrible, you have no fashion sense whatsoever are you a trans woman? Try some tooth whitener also, you need it. Sorry but you got smacked by the ugly goddess when she was handing out looks.
Nicole Chouanard (24 days ago)
I also can't travel even to other states outside mine (Minnesota, USA) due to being in remission from a rare cancer. My cancer treatment team is here
Nicole Chouanard (24 days ago)
I don't know if I'm saying the right question but how do I be a nice friend to someone in Ukraine but from long distance? There was a boy who was exchange student during high school.We talk on facebook messager when he doesn't work. I live in America but I don't understand social behavior here either. I want to be a good friend but don't understand what to do. I am diagnosed Asberger's Disorder( mild autism, social and learning difficulties).
JFAirplane (24 days ago)
Indeed quite true and american don't understand that. So great video.. and Lviv so great city. Juste un endroit qui représente mieux l'Ukraine en général versus Kiev.
Guido Martinez (27 days ago)
fuck why should we bent backwards for ukranian chicks how about them doing something nice to get foreign guys
tempest411 (29 days ago)
I'm American and I don't go around smiling at everyone. I've heard secondhand that people find this really weird about me, but what ever...
Yannik Yannik (1 month ago)
Why Olja changed her name to Olga?
Yannik Yannik (1 month ago)
Alexandra = Sasha?
Yannik Yannik (1 month ago)
So Olja is like f.e. Marija = Masha?
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
This is my full name
Vasa Singh (1 month ago)
that's cool ,which you explained about the culture difference between other countries with Ukraine.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Thank you!
numberxx7 (1 month ago)
Oli, I hope this is your natural hair color, I think lighter tones suit your skin shade better.. Also, killer glasses/braces.. Just so cute!! XOX
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
hehe thanks)
Kitchen Spokane (1 month ago)
You are so beautiful =). Thank you for all of the tips
Carol Cummings (1 month ago)
I've lived in Ukraine for over two years and I've noticed the opposite. If I have pimples or bags under my eyes or even if my clothes are not perfect many people at my place of work (acquaintances not friends) will ask me if something is wrong with me. In America it is very rude to mention something wrong about someone's appearance to their face.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
We have rude people also))
Baqsam (1 month ago)
Olga "Come to Ukraine" Reznikova
Brent Beatty (1 month ago)
May יהוה bless you
Amarender Katragadda (1 month ago)
I am Indian will you help me to find a wife please.
rondav41 (1 month ago)
I have to ask for ice everytime, and i know not to go walk down the street smiling.
Usman Anjum (1 month ago)
Your information is so useful and reliable nice job done
Usman Anjum (1 month ago)
Send me your personal id i want to talk to you and face to face or any number of your cell phone or any massenger you're online
taoefick duatiga (1 month ago)
I hope i marry ukraine girl :)
Eva Carter (1 month ago)
Frank S (1 month ago)
Many Ukrainian women dating profiles say that their objective is to find a man who can make them laugh or who has a sense of humor. This is counter-intuitive to a culture that does not like smiling and/or laughing. While many of the photos that I see online are photos where the women are not smiling. What is to be taken by such a contradiction and how should it be approached? When uploading dating profile pictures of my own, should I be smiling or not? I tend to be more often straight face and serious like the women of Ukraine and smile only when the mood is right. Culturally speaking I think that in USA there are many fake people who smile or laugh for no apparent reason and do so as an ulterior motive to advance their own agenda. There are many American women with dating profile pictures that have a beautiful smile but on the inside are just ugly shallow people.
Gil (1 month ago)
I like eastern europe's seemingly emotionless interaction on the surface because I kinda get it. lol
KreacherFreak (1 month ago)
+Olgareznikova Olga, you look so beautiful, and I absolutely love your smile with braces! It's so lovely. Krasavica! Such a warm girl. Something about your personality makes you so much prettier than a typical girl.. You are a beautiful, warm, feminine Ukrainian girl. Pravda. Your personality adds to how pretty and warm you are.. I love all your posts! Спасибо!
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for such nice words!
Justin Parmar (1 month ago)
j p (1 month ago)
it's normal around the world to NOT laugh at people falling.....go spend a day in RUSSIA to see a culture that laughs at other people's pain. spent 4 years there; saw it happen several times as i helped an old man off the ground.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
It can happen for sure, there are a lot of rude people as well in Russia)
SAIF MD. (1 month ago)
Hi olga Is taras shevchenko national university of kyiv good for indians to study medicine???
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
they don't have Medical faculty
Santosh Chaurasia (1 month ago)
You r really appreciate what you speak 😃 . I am single man from India Mumbai 🇮🇳🙏🌹 You r telling true, I trust in your comments. 😃☺️💙♥️But for communication you should now . English language or Hindi". **"Friend in need , the friend in deed"✝️🕉️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
ramon perez (1 month ago)
Thank You!!! ☺😊😁 Notice me smile. We must respect our differences, but always remain true to ourselves.
i_notold (1 month ago)
Water, and any other beverage, shouldn't be ice cold because it's bad for your digestion. Sure, if you're hot it's nice to have something to help cool you down but otherwise drink at room temp. Your digestion system is meant to work ate body temp, when you drop that temp it becomes less efective. Also, your body will always fight to maintain it's temp, if it's doing that to much it draws down everything else, your energy, immune system....
Dog Face (1 month ago)
Great video. Thank you. All those "rules" seem sensible and natural to me except smiling. When I go to Kiev on Friday (first visit), I'm going to smile at people.😉 And you look better than ever.
Joseph Sungkawa (1 month ago)
You look different you have glasses and something about your teeth
B Meetze (1 month ago)
Your blouse is very beautiful! What brand is it? Дуже дякую!
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Billy Fauna (1 month ago)
1. Yes we like cold drinks. It's a traditional thing now and if it's not cold it's bizarre for us. I went to China and they served hot beer. Omg olia this is very bad for us. I nearly spat it out !!😅 2. I'd people smile too much I ask what you want from me? Go away !! Okay maybe not it depends. 3. Oh Olia you have braces what's wrong with your teeth??? 😅😨😣 Please don't take offense I'm only joking with you. You know it's cultural thing. 😉 Oh Olia look over here people who have braces it is a sign of wealth because only wealthy can afford to have their teeth straightened. It's expensive to have our teeth straighten and dental work is very expensive. My ex gf her children's teeth cost 25,000 AUD. 4. Laughing at people who hurt themselves is stupid and immature. This is evil people in television industry trying to make people hate each other. It's cruel and it shows lack of empathy. 5. I like Ukrainian people they seem more sincere than insincere people. I think many people who make many friends maybe it's insincere friend ships. I like one or two real friends that stay friends all your life. Are they genuine freinds or just fake superficial friends? Okay, thank you Olia this is a good topic. 😊❤👍
Debatosh Ganguly (1 month ago)
Hi Olga it's fantastic episode. I'm from India and an occasional watcher of your videos. Generally I don't comment on ur videos. But I like it very much. Your way of expressions are very homely & very friendly which attract me most. God bless you.
ShahbaZ king (1 month ago)
I love Ukraine things😍
Vadim Anatolovych (1 month ago)
Going to Ukraine next Thursday
Richie Joe69 (1 month ago)
When are those braces coming off?? Just feel it's blocking your smile.
Dave Kessel (1 month ago)
Also no talk about bodily functions.
Manfred Bismark (1 month ago)
OLGA look like a TEACHER!
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
hehe yes yes))
Richard Kambinda (1 month ago)
Manfred Bismark, a very good teacher^_•. [[SHE'S A FORMER Real-Estate AGENT]]
John doe (1 month ago)
Good video Olga ty. Seems like i want an friend from Ukraine Please make another video about Ukraine culture and how they are
Montgomery Denzer (1 month ago)
Montgomery Denzer (1 month ago)
ZaraPaz696 (1 month ago)
Olga we luv your videos and adored your beautiful style of dressing and looks, but these glasses look absolutely terrible, awful. This does not seem to be Olga anymore, it seems to be an Americanised slave robot. Don´t get me wrong, I would tell this anyone destroying the own style with this shitty looking "fashion". There is no point in letting you look like an idiot.
James Martin (1 month ago)
so true about the water, Ms.Olga - I once volunteered to hand out bottled water during a disaster relief effort & some of the people were asking for ice to go with it - thank goodness FEMA (US) delivers or makes it a point to include it in their logistics
Royal Emery (1 month ago)
This idea that in the U.S. we ALWAYS smile to each other is incorrect? Maybe some areas of the country and some percentage of the people but to say the everyone always smiles at everyone is inaccurate. In fact, I am NOT smiling at the moment. :[
Parth Soni (1 month ago)
You looks like beautiful School Girl
Mario Neal (1 month ago)
Hi. These are all true!!
What happen to your teath
Desmond Bagley (1 month ago)
.......that Mac Donald smile is a pain, especially when they flash Hollywood style perfect teeth,,, really they are showing off.. How does queueing operate in Ukraine? How about the courtesy on public transport, especially the getting on and off and people avoiding log jams of each other?
HoustonPublisher (1 month ago)
From the list of things you mentioned I somehow must be from the Ukraine, because it sounds exactly like me I'm not kidding. I don't drink ice in my drinks, don't have many friends, well, everything you said actually.
Welcome Muscat Oman Golf country Join me here if you want myself
jason4275 (1 month ago)
You wear braces, then take them off and then have new braces, is dental free or cheep there, how cheep are braces in Ukraine, because their not cheep in america.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
jason4275 not cheap in ukraine as well
Alec Vetter (1 month ago)
Russians don't smile, they are never happy to see you. They are cold and they think smiling makes you look stupid! I'm not saying that about every single one of them but I'm saying it is not unusual at all for Russians to hate everyone.
Buda Bigbuda (1 month ago)
we drink water with ice in middle east because of the weather it’s so hot 🔥😅 42C now 🤦🏻‍♂️
joir2000 (1 month ago)
Verry interesting video, Olga. I am glad to hear you don't "fake-smile" to others. But I am currious about the room temperature water. Is that only for water? How about cola, beer, ice-tea,...?
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
joir2000 all drinks
pavlobro17 (1 month ago)
joir2000 water is lukewarm, cola is lukewarm, beer idk I don't drink but probably lukewarm. Tea is hot.
Lorenzo Miro (1 month ago)
Good as always Olga!
AristotleStagira (1 month ago)
People in NY don't smile.
Alec Vetter (1 month ago)
People in the U.S. military don't smile!
Belus Traveller (1 month ago)
Great points, It’s a challenge to make a girl smile and laugh there but I do well, 😂😂😂😂😂, I’m very happy with my Ukraine 🇺🇦 Friends. Be Safe,Peace Belus Traveller
Alex Merenkov (1 month ago)
Привіт Ольга. Very interesting differences. I didn't know it was so serious in Ukraine about friendship. I am a second gen Ukrainian American and partake in Ukrainian traditions here in America but I agree, people in the USA always are making new friends and they are not super serious commitments always. Ukraine seems to be more reserved culture than USA in some aspects. Also i think it's very funny about the water, drinking warm water is very disgusting to me as an American but we have excellent tap water here and i don't know about Ukraine but i hear some things about their water that it's not so good or clean. Smiling at others in USA is of course usually a fake practice because everyone is expected to keep up an image of politeness so they smile all the time and especially people who work in stores might smile but really hate the customers deeply.
Alex Merenkov (1 month ago)
Still probably safer than Flint Michigan. Here in San Francisco Bay, we have very high-quality water from snowmelt in the mountains but in drought not as good of quality. : )
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Alex Merenkov every city has its own tap water, but better not to drink it without boiling, if you are not sure about quality;)
amar singh (1 month ago)
Hi dear im sending u message Please tell me I have ukraine invetation letter can i travel to ukraine and they give visa on arrival
Mia Hans (1 month ago)
And being in the military I noticed all over the world if you ask for help from family and friends they're going to be there for you nothing new here at the Ukraine accept beautiful women and beautiful country
Mia Hans (1 month ago)
In every way that you described the Ukraine is how California is with all the liberal the safe places and unnecessary respect where are you have to be careful at every moment of what you say or do even in your country can't we just be ourselves without any restrictions and being ashamed to say man you fell on your face, because for me racing motocross my whole life the best part was riding with friends and if one of my friends wiped out on their bikes we all would laugh at him we would point at him and laugh to the point where we were crying
Lydia Fife (1 month ago)
Hello Ольга All that was very interesting. Customs in North America vary greatly from place to place. In the country people tend to be more friendly and helpful and smile at and talk more to each other. In big cities people are less friendly and are more cautious. Smiling is a sign of politeness and is seen as a sign of friendliness. It's more natural to some people also. Yes. We smile a lot. Canadians are known for saying "I'm sorry" for everything and we joke about it. Smiling is good for the health by the way. Some people don't smile much and are very serious. People do help others here. Americans and Canadians are ready to help when people need it and maybe more than other people in the world when there are disasters etc even here. I think it's similar everywhere. For sure people smile more when they are happy. I know I do. For someone who says smiling is not natural or customary in Ukraine, you sure do smile a lot! Keep smiling. People who smile are more appealing to others. This means more attractive but not in a sexual sense - just in a person to person way. Also: a tip for your English - the verb is To fail. The noun is failure. Also one would say: as we are used to doing which is the same as saying we are in the habit of doing. This is because the infinite of the verb 'to do' is in the present tense and the form "doing" implies that the action is something that happens throughout time as it passes including the present. It's almost as if the verb has been made into a an active noun. English verbs are very complicated as to tense... again thanks for the information on customs of Ukraine! Дуже дякую!
Ralph Hunter (1 month ago)
thank you ,jackau ;') very helpful,thats a life saver,best teacher ever................. ;';).you are.
Maurício Vieira (1 month ago)
I don't know, I know when I went to Odessa I made a lot of friends. One week before my return to Brazil my girlfriend said- I can see , Friday : Bye Katia, wait I have to say bye to Natasha, to Irina, to people from coffee shop. You made friends with everyone in the city! hahahahahaha
I LOVE Belarus (1 month ago)
They not smile because they have bad teeth???? Mostly in ukraine they have very bad teeth as I remember
jurisprudens (1 month ago)
I don't think Ukrainians have on average worse teeth than Westerners. Actually, I think, they are better in this regard, because dentists are much cheaper in Ukraine. Nevertheless, smiling while showing teeth is considered stupid and ugly. It is called "horse smile".
Keith A. (1 month ago)
Olga my woman curses whenever she's really angry. You know, Russian words for "fuck" , "bitch" stuff like that. Is that a normal thing for Ukrainians too? She curses more than I do, when pissed off. So how do you explain this?
Chris Goshey (1 month ago)
Number 6: Don't look random people in the eye on the street as it implies you want something from them. The first time my wife and her father took me over to Kiev one of the big things they told me to do was look ahead and not at other people while walking down the street.
jurisprudens (1 month ago)
I think, that's was a little bit of an exaggeration. :) It is true, however, that passer-bys in large cities in Eastern Europe don't like an eye contact - they consider this a violation of privacy. Eastern European city dwellers value privacy very much.
Hi you are so quite baby
swimming fish (1 month ago)
Also, very cute style with hair and clothing. Lip colour is great match, mrs olga! Eva Cxoi
swimming fish (1 month ago)
Thank you for always having helpful topics.
Crusieth Maximuss (1 month ago)
True friendship is rare. No, not all Americans are alike. Each state is like a mini country. Culture changes slightly from the west to east coast, and from up north close to Canada, or south near Mexico.
James Utphall (1 month ago)
Yes I can understand this.... it was very similar in Slovenia
Al Demir (1 month ago)
being natural is the best, but I noticed you smile much more than standard Ukrainians. how come???.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
I don't know, I am not typical)) Too much time spending with foreigners.
Al Demir (1 month ago)
Olga Reznikova I understand and you know and what is being normal and the best way to be what you are. by the way you are very cheerful person. Cold water and ice was the most funny to me. we love cold drinks. and they even serve in hospitals as well.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Al Demir because I am always with foreigners;)
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (1 month ago)
I do not smile that much, I am not upset I just do not feel the need to.
Eormanric Gutum (1 month ago)
Are Ukrainians mixed with gypsies?
Richard Kambinda (1 month ago)
Denys Dovhopolyy, ...thanx, @Dennis. [[Watched the 1st 10 minutes of it_ THEY REALLY ACT LIKE MIDDLE-EASTERNERS AND AFRICANS. AND, I am African. Nonetheless, супруг её необходимо выучить правильные цыганские этикетки^_•. The hubbie was sooo spoilt in this video. He should stop acting like he represents all Gypsies. Was he paid to act that way though? Or, was he just raised improvely??]]
Denys Dovhopolyy (1 month ago)
Rarely. The only case that I know of - from the TV show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZnohngkrY8
THE PLAGUE DOCTOR (1 month ago)
pavlobro17 (1 month ago)
Alex Merenkov (1 month ago)
I heard they don't really like them and there have been murders.
Charles C (1 month ago)
What a different behaviors!. May not be that easy to get friends in Ukraine!
Lord Edward (1 month ago)
Where to start. In America, people do tend to smile at others but there isn't any "tradition" or "expectation" about it. Most people smile at other people because they are just pleasant people who wish strangers well. Laughing at other another person's misfortune is more complex. Yes, some people are malevolent and enjoy the suffering of others but on the other hand, often people laugh about it do diminish the effects of the mishap. People who can laugh at their own "fails" are revered more highly. You see, a minor fail can make everyone very uncomfortable. So effort is to make light of it to assist the person who failed to be able to laugh, too. Drinking room temperature anything is just gross. Most people have only one or two really close friends but we also have large networks of lesser friends, as well. We don't consider it as "burdening" someone when we tell of our troubles but more like "sharing" or "opening up". Some do it a lot, some almost never do it. IMO-Ukraine is still suffering from the influence of the old Soviet days. Back then, no one trusted anyone (thus one or two close friends), no one had anything to smile about. No one spoke about their troubles for fear of being reported as subversive. I strongly recommend that Ukrainian people adopt a more American style of social interaction. America: "When you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours!"
Shubham Singh (1 month ago)
Ukrainian are just fucking racist piece of shit
Lord Edward (1 month ago)
There are far more Americans that fit the same general description you used to describe yourself than not.
Bila Hora (1 month ago)
David Hume : As an American, I'd say that you have a really good understanding of the feeling of many Americans, about "friendship", as it is often quite superficial. I, myself, have few friends, but TRUE friends. I'm fourth-generation American, but of Slavic heritage. Maybe that has something to do with my attitude in this area.
Lord Edward (1 month ago)
Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago" or anything by Lech Walesa
jurisprudens (1 month ago)
Maybe, that was their perspective, which was exactly the reason why they defected. Please, also do not discount that many of them had to exaggerate some things, in order to get political asylum in the US. :)
Ron Zee (1 month ago)
i remember i was in a store in Kiev i didn't understand how to refill my phone and no one spoke English one guy figured out i needed help and helped my i joked with him and said i love you the whole store looked at me at laughed no im not gay not even close
Sergey Sedlovsky (1 month ago)
Ukrainians are all different, but points 2, 3 and 5 are probably true for all Ukrainians :D
Kate K (1 month ago)
This new look suites you.
Ken Alexander (1 month ago)
Maybe I'm Ukrainian.
Fatima Zayour (1 month ago)
Ken Alexander me 2😊
L. J. Bush (1 month ago)
Are your eyes getting weak or bad where you need glasses? You never have worn glasses on your other videos. I always help a person if I can even if I don't know them but not usually with money, I need my money for myself plus most everyone I ever helped with money never bothered to pay me back, and I don't loan anything else out either.
Mark Francis (1 month ago)
In hull England you never smile. You say 'alright mate' or 'ello luv'.
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (1 month ago)
Mark Francis I have been to London and they smile quite often but not like US people who will smile for no reason all the time.
Dean Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Hello, regarding the cold water - I asked for a glass of ice and just added my bottled water to the glass of ice - number two and three go together for me; I was told that I smile too much and talk to everyone. I told them Americans aren't well liked around the world and I wanted to be the exception - #5 - I have lived all over the US and different parts of the world; so regarding the number of actual friends for me is very, very small - but I do have a lot of acquaintances. Thanks for the video.
Dominika Domaczaja (1 month ago)
In Poland situation is similar. Slavic people mostly don't like to show their emotions.
numberxx7 (1 month ago)
I was JUST going to say this...
Miroslav Antonín (1 month ago)
agree . .same stuff in czech republic ...
Poivre Blanc (1 month ago)
Many things are the same in Germany. I think many of those habits are European. Maybe we smile a bit more, but not as much as in the US. I also remember wondering about getting a drink with half of it being ice in the US, and that was in December in New York City.
robinson (1 month ago)
Gosh, you’re talkative :) Are you like that everyday? Anyway you look better with blond, imo. Great video!
Israell Queiróz (1 month ago)
I enjoy a Lot all your details and you are so wonderfull

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