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STRIKE IT TOURNAMENT SPECIAL magazine (28/3/2018) review incl. LINGARD LIMITED EDITION card for the Panini Adrenalyn XL World Cup 2018 Trading Cards and FREE ALBUM for the Panini FIFA World Cup 2018 Sticker Collection. ►Panini FIFA World Cup 2018 PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7Ih6tWK23mzjLUkA7oQcAvArPmSGFvE ►Panini ADRENALYN XL WORLD CUP 2018 PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7Ih6tWK23myFtvVuBp7zqnn1uD7OGZHJ ►Subscribe To Football Cards And Stickers YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/footiecardsstickers ►Like Our Facebook Page : http://facebook.com/FootballCardsAndStickers ►Follow Me On Twitter : https://twitter.com/FootCardSticker ►Follow My Instagram : http://instagram.com/footballcardsandstickers
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Text Comments (95)
Abdul Azim (6 months ago)
lovely video mate!
Maged Habib (7 months ago)
join my new team 180437, pass: 123
Elias Pratsos (7 months ago)
Where l can buy this magazine?
should be in all good newsagents in the UK. If outside UK can get from newsstand.co.uk
Mister Insect Nasty (7 months ago)
Ummm I got Piszczek Limited Edition, not a Lingard in sight......?!?!?!
that is annoying, Lingard is the UK exclusive. you need to email them about that!!
Kieran Randles (7 months ago)
Has everyone got a top master Robert lewandowski in the strike it magazine and the tournament special magazine
dont think i did!!
MrZedKay (7 months ago)
have u seen the news article on bbc about panini with a professor working out the cost to complete the album and how its doubled??!!!
yeah plenty of those articles... its probably correct if just opening packs and not swapping stickers.
Chuls (7 months ago)
Hey would anyone send me Uk-Europe stamps? In exchange for Spanish cards/stamps/stickers.
Diego Aceves Herrera (7 months ago)
ID:78304 Contra:12345
pokemonix 69 (7 months ago)
You know at first I thought this was an actually a tournament and also I asked my mum for this for today but told her yesterday lol
Tradingcardboss (7 months ago)
Another great vid Andy I think 80p for the stickers way to expensive will cost over £750 to complete the set approx
Tradingcardboss (7 months ago)
Yes This is true
without swapping, yes... with swapping approx £200??
Dr. Gamez (7 months ago)
€1.06 per a sticker pack in Ireland it was 60 cent for the euros
Dr. Gamez (7 months ago)
Sean what county are you in
Sean (7 months ago)
I went to easons they are 1 euro per pack but then I went to the local newsagents and they were there for 90cents it depends where u go to get them
Billy Bossman27 (7 months ago)
How long r they in shops till ?
Billy Bossman27 (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers wow that's along time is it till the world cupis over??
4 months.
Dr. Gamez (7 months ago)
Nooooooo I was late
Dr. Gamez (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers we’ve got Sheffield United on Monday on TV
Dr. Gamez (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers burton at home on Friday
haha dont worry Daragh...who have Cardiff got at weekend?
Billy Bossman27 (7 months ago)
Do u get it from like teso or sainsubursys
Billy Bossman27 (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers ok thanks it's just I'm going sainsubursys tommorow that's y I asked 😂😋
yes you can do, probably best place to get them actually.
Bowzzer (7 months ago)
Is 15 years old to old start collecting these again miss the old days such a shame though that the stickers are 80p a packet. Good Video BTW 👍🏽
75% of the collectors of Panini stickers are over the age of 30 so maybe you are still a bit young, but everyone is welcome!!
Diewott1 (7 months ago)
Cool! Cards and stickers, even though only the stickers would be Nice already.
thanks buddy
JactheBlock (7 months ago)
if i have accidentally ripped one of my stickers and already stuck it in, should i put the same double sticker above it or just leave it?
i think i would put the same double sticker above it yes... no-one will notice.
Sand 22 (7 months ago)
how can I order this from europe ( not uk )
they just let you buy 1 magazine Im sure....
Sand 22 (7 months ago)
ok and can i just buy this issue or I need to subscribe for otehrs? Very excited and will order this 1000%
newsstand deliver to abroad i think? http://www.newsstand.co.uk/62-Others-Magazines/26650-Subscribe-to-STRIKE-IT-TOURNAMENT-SPECIAL-Magazine-Subscription.aspx
EREN'S CHANNEL!!!!!!! (7 months ago)
They also handed out LOADS of the albums at the england vs italy match
EREN'S CHANNEL!!!!!!! (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers yeah...
yeah what they call sampling albums - trying to flood the market!!
Kieran Randles (7 months ago)
Is it in all shops
Kieran Randles (7 months ago)
It my last day tomorrow from school
thats awesome. Easter weekend!!
Kieran Randles (7 months ago)
It my last day tomorrow from school
yes Kieran available in all shops, obviously the smaller newsagents wont have been supplied many copies though.
Harry Currall (7 months ago)
They gave away free sticker packets and albums at the England game last night
one way to try and get people to watch England and lets be honest an Italia side who are only as good as England nowadays...
KidAmazing 33 (7 months ago)
Entre na equipe de troca mais ativa do Álbum Virtual da Copa 2018. Tenho brilhantes pra troca!!! ID: 81259 Senha: 12345
D Kendall (7 months ago)
Good video! Pleased to see Lingard there rather than Henderson
D Kendall (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers Yeah, I agree. I’ve not got high hopes at all for the World Cup, preparing for penalty “heart break” again
yeah England really are scraping the bottom of the barrell for players this time... thank god they have an easy draw to the quarters!!
Sean Carroll (7 months ago)
I think I will get this magazine its hard to find the sticker album in Ireland
Sean (7 months ago)
I went to about 6 newsagents and I couldn't find any
Dr. Gamez (7 months ago)
Sean Carroll i live in Ireland but I found my album day after release
Sean Carroll (7 months ago)
Thanks for the notice
might be on sale a day later in Ireland Sean...? sometimes happens with magazines i think??
Cristiano euronaldo (7 months ago)
Plz r ply footie cards I am in trouble tomoz as a girl recorded me saying do I like a girl I said yes n comment help
Cristiano euronaldo (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers it worked out well
just laugh it off and say you were joking... easy way to get out of that!!
Cristiano euronaldo (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers I guess but it’s gonna be tough tomoz
dont worry about it buddy...the girl may like you as well then all is good!!
Brighton Fan #1 (7 months ago)
Great video Andy love your vids
Brighton Fan #1 (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers true but I guess it's worth it via completing your collection
cool, although expensive.
Brighton Fan #1 (7 months ago)
I might get a premium pack box
thanks Ziggy!
Robert 9 (7 months ago)
great.are you sponsored with this albums and stickers or you buy them all?
just keep doing videos buddy, its only because ive been on for long long time... people will eventually watch!
Robert 9 (7 months ago)
great!my channel stay on the spot. does not grow.what can i do?
i buy them all, i will never agree to be sponsored buddy, hence why i can criticise bad buys etc...!
Benni M (7 months ago)
What a nice magazin. In Germany we have JUST KICK IT from Panini
still a great magazine that one... i like it!!
Caldiniho (7 months ago)
Messi Lingard
Lucas Youri (7 months ago)
I hope the Australian players won't tamper with the balls.
Brighton Fan #1 (7 months ago)
the keeper may have a bit of sandpaper to rub the branding of the ball!!
Trading Cards And More (7 months ago)
Lingard is better than Messi will ever be Andy fam, fight me!!
Trading Cards And More (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers I can't argue with that 😑😑😂
he's better at doing arm movements!!
Aritra Ghosh (7 months ago)
1st. I dont think cricket attax is going get released no leaks,the home page inactive for months. Their last facebook post was on 25th december
Brighton Fan #1 (7 months ago)
And Steve Smith, David warner and Cameron bancroft won't be playing. Kane Williamson will have to captain the Royal Challengers bangerlore
Aritra Ghosh (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers ashley williams dembele and pedro
message me the players you want the codes of and if i have them will give them even though i barely have much time!
Aritra Ghosh (7 months ago)
Football Cards And Stickers can you give me few pro ii codes
Bencroft: Not bought Smith: Banned (1 yr play & 2 yr captaincy) Warner: Same as Smith Coulter Nile: injured. Can you please message me the codes please? Please please please.

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