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DIFFERENCES between Russian and Ukrainian you should know!

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Do you like this video and appreciate my efforts? I will be grateful for donations: - PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/OlgaReznikova Contact me: Page of my blog in FB - https://www.facebook.com/ukrainianspace My personal FB page - https://www.facebook.com/olga.reznikova.129 Instagram - olgareznikova Twitter - https://twitter.com/ukrainianspace For business correspondence - [email protected] Read words with transcription here http://learnukraine.blogspot.com/2014/12/differences-between-ukrainian-and.html Hi! A lot of people don't understand if there is some differences between Ukrainian and Russian language. As I know both languages since childhood, it's hard to say how different they are. So I delegate you opportunity to give me expert answer. Watch movie or read my post and write on comments your impression! :-)
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Text Comments (1425)
Russian is like more childish, Ukrainian as such as young mom. Btw, please make a video about how Russian/Ukrainian write or reading the latin script. Спасибо.
Ku5i (14 days ago)
Hungarian !! yeee
yellow cat (18 days ago)
ukrainan like cat meow meow meow russian speak have soul
yellow cat (18 days ago)
russian best
Lotiram Langneh (20 days ago)
Can the Russian and the Ukrainian understand each other when they speak to each other using their own languages ?
Buster Biloxi (21 days ago)
Muscovite speech is more guttural and the vowels are not flat but bent in a weird way.
Buster Biloxi (21 days ago)
The girl speaking Ukrainian has a Russian accent. Must be from East Ukraine, where people have been more influenced by Muscovite speech.
aymen bek (26 days ago)
my mom is russian but my dad is algerian . i speak russian very well . but in russia they told me ive an ukrainian accent unless i dont know the ukrainian language . when i heard u it seems more defficulte thaan russian
J (28 days ago)
The bad news she is married 😂
Aiden Bach (1 month ago)
ukrainian language is more cute, russian more beautiful
Wolpertinger (1 month ago)
I wish I could speak them both but sadly I`m too dumb to learn.
Mad Dog Charm (1 month ago)
I speak Spanish and basic Russian, and to me, Spanish is to Portuguese as Russian is to Ukrainian. I can understand some of Portuguese and some of Ukrainian. Ukrainian sounds more “round” than Russian, the same way Portuguese does compared to Spanish. I often wonder if this is because I understand Spanish and Russian, causing me to lose the ability to hear the languages without context, the same way I can’t appreciate how English sounds because the spoken words all have meaning. Also, do I detect a bit of a Ukrainian accent in that Russian girl’s voice?? :)
Laurelindo (1 month ago)
Real Russian sounds much better than the fake Russian that movies always use. =P
ZXman (1 month ago)
Both languages sounded great!
Diana V (1 month ago)
I feel like Russian is more softer, Urkainuan has more hard sounds
СРБИН ФИН (2 months ago)
Miladin Davidovic (2 months ago)
Her Ukrainian (or whatever language that really is) is hardly audible. You have to keep replaying it over and over, and you still can't understand!
Stas Zemlyaninov (2 months ago)
kill all ukranians and rape that country !!!
Stas Zemlyaninov (2 months ago)
stupid bitch !!! lol
E MA (2 months ago)
as a non-slavic speaker.... I can't tell the differences
Dotsya (2 months ago)
The Ukrainian that I was raised with sounds like a cross between Russian and Ukrainian. People in central Ukraine speak that way. For example: we don’t say “tato” for father, but only “batko” and in Russian it would be “otets”. My mom can speak pure Ukrainian, though.
Spiritual Braces (2 months ago)
російська повія розповіконечноється про мову про який не має поняття, испаринаіха проте =))
Amanda Filipowich (2 months ago)
Ukrainian is more melodic. Maybe I'm biased :P thanks for sharing!
Nikola Bornová (2 months ago)
Ukranian also sounds more close to Czech language - I understand it better, it has more similar words
Michael Radigan (3 months ago)
Russian is a glot (mutt) of at least 5 languages; Ukrainian is a pure Slavic Mother tongue - every linguist and historian knows this (read Hans Boland "It was Russia that was born out of Ukraine and not the other way around") Slavic language moved east, obviously not backwards - in time or space. Ukraine was a unified kingdom under CATHOLIC Sts. Olga and Vladimir in 988 (before the schism and before muscovites stole the name, Saints, culture, food, and language by force - hey, check it out, they're still doing it today!...Russia--give back Crimea and Sentsov, get out of Luhansk and Donetsk; and get your pipeline and schismatic church out of Ukraine...they have more natural resources than you - try feeding your own people and stop killing your unborn...pay reparations for the Holomodor... free the Catholic bishops in Siberia. OLGA, SUPPORT YOUR OWN GREAT NATION, STOP TRYING TO PLACATE FOR YOUR OWN PROFIT - DO THE POLES SPEAK RUSSIAN? They were tortured and occupied..NEITHER SHOULD UKRAINIANS, who have a rich historical culture from before the existence of their illegal occupiers...OLGA...be a true UKRAINIAN, do a video on what happens if Ukraine uses our US Javelin anti-tank missiles against your cyber, military and cultural enemies. Do a video on the excellence of UCU and the UGCC at educating and helping suffering Ukrainians. Support Patriarch Sviatsolav in his peace efforts. Ukraine is the 1st country on earth consecrated to Theotokos in 988, and she will protect Ukraine if the people stay faithful. OLGA -do a video on CARITAS UKRAINE - LVIV, that helps soldiers, and war widows and orphans. Ukraine is only as strong as her faith, families and tradition - promote these Olga -stop the condescending cute stuff please.
I try to enter "The similarity between Russian and Ukrainian" in the search bar. The list did not find any "similarity." In the top of the page there are only 5 "Differences between Russian and Ukrainian". This is not an accident, for sure. Who needs to create differences between the nations? Who is trying to "divide and rule"? Probably the same puppeteer who rules now all Slavs, except for Russia and Belarus. Many people say "Ukrainian sounds melodic". True, the author of the video is Ukrainian, she tries to show the Ukrainian more beautifully. It's not fair . The truth in the Ukrainian language is 134,058 words, according to the dictionary of Kotlyarevsky, but in Russian about 200,000, according to Dal's dictionary. So, Russian is 1,5 more expression
SANDEEP KUMAR (3 months ago)
I Love Russia
Andro A (3 months ago)
I can't understand a word of Ukranian, but Russian I understand 70% of the time.
Fuhrer Fox (3 months ago)
I am serbian and i talked with russian on serbian and he think i am ukrainan.Serbian and Ukrainan is very different.
dumbshow3 (3 months ago)
Omg your so special for having a higher education I bet there is not thousands of people that have same education as you in same age
Araiguma Kiruno (3 months ago)
I almost tought Ukrainan YouTubers/Peoples are Russian because they Language is almost same *My fault*
Dangerousguy (4 months ago)
I thought Ukrainian is so similar to russian seems like in past few decades they are adding new words just to make it different :P I speak Russian and I didn't understand alot of what the left lady said...
n blagojevic (4 months ago)
Russian is nicer.
Sandro Sarukhanishvili (4 months ago)
Ukrainian <3
Josef K (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video! Can you please tell me as Ukrainian girl, is it the exactly same language (words and dialect) spoken in Galizia-Lviv region (those who haven't been part of Ukraine before 1918 but Austro-Hungary) with Ukrainian language spoken in Kiev and central part of the Ukraine, beside areas where Russian and Surzhyk are spoken? In other words, Ukrainians from Kiev and Kharkov, can they 100% understand Galizians and Ruthenians? Thanks in advance!
step tb (5 months ago)
Russian sounds more melodic and more "different" compared to any other Slavic language to me. I can definitely hear more similarities with how Slovenian and Croatian sound when I listen to Ukrainian. but it's always surprising to hear them side by side and hear how similar they are and at the same time how obvious are some differences.
JacobPlayz105 Solar (5 months ago)
Лол, я люблю це! Забавно. Як якщо б ви померли, ви зробили, а? I'm Ukrainain.
Vladan C (5 months ago)
Thank you for the vid :) After listening to this I can say as a Serbian speaker that differences between Ukrainian and Russian are smaller than between Serbian - Slovenian or Serbian - Macedonian, but also bigger than for example Serbian - Croatian which most of us (including myself) sonsider as the same language since our grammar is completely the same and also our vocabulary is 99% the same which I can't say for Ukrainian and Russian. And yes I also think that Ukrainian is a little bit more melodical than Russian. Cheers! :)
LiudasBar (5 months ago)
ukrainian very beautiful <3
saeptuose (5 months ago)
fuck ukraine
Joanna Suzuya (4 months ago)
fuck...you ?
Just sayin (5 months ago)
useless (5 months ago)
Many ukrainian words are so similiar to west slavic words. And especially to belarussian language (yep it's not west slavic language i know it). And russian sounds more like bulgarian i think. You can compare it.
Frankie (5 months ago)
Is it true more people in Ukraine speak Russian?
Both are so good languages! Stop attacking Russia!
Фурат Хомйдй (5 months ago)
l love both language becouse are verey much beutyful but ukranian esyist maybe.
Cyrixal (5 months ago)
Mike Lee (6 months ago)
Ukrainian sounds like slavic french While russian sounds like German
Joanna Suzuya (4 months ago)
whaaaat no no i'm french and russian is so different lmao after yes people on the north and south have a big accent but nothings like russian
DanM101 (6 months ago)
I speak english, french, italian and spanish I personally find russian the better sounding of the two
Joanna Suzuya (4 months ago)
le français c'est sympa aussi mais c'est vrai que le Russe est juste magnifique
Ratimir Slavenski (6 months ago)
In Croatia, the October we call: Listopad. Some words in Ukrainian are more understandable for me, but Russian in general is easier for me (probably because i learned it more)
Apricot Theory (6 months ago)
For me, it's impossible to tell the difference. It's much easier to tell the difference b/w Mandarine, Korean and Japanese. Ukrainian and Russian sound pretty much the same to outsiders. Polish might be easier to tell.
Taras Motruk (6 months ago)
Оля, не одружена, а заміжня=))
TES-GAME (6 months ago)
Kind of a little late response but I think I have something to say about Russian and Ukranian being what "similar" or same language just tweaked? No. It's far-fetched. Unless you're Ukrainian, you could probably say they're similar cuz you can understand either one. The Russians who say they do understand Ukrainian most likely never heard pure clear Ukrainian. Well, tune in on our TV and try to make anything out. I can tell you'll find yourself nonplussed right immidiately. If you "can" understand" Ukrainian, you're most likely dealing with суржиком, hence the mutual intelligibility. But if it's real authentic Ukrainian... here, try this "пологи відбуваються на дев'ятому місяці вагітності". Unless someone told you what the words stand for, you are unlikely to make any sense of it.
سيف العرب (6 months ago)
ليش كاتبه بلعربي ؟
EngaPheniks (6 months ago)
Ukrainians are like the "Diluted Russians". The true Russians are the Soviets.
Rollout GamingXD (6 months ago)
Россия or Russia
milda pupsyte (6 months ago)
Does anyone know if Chornogubsky is a ukrainian or russian name? If you do know, can you explain why is it one and not the other? Many thanks!
EngaPheniks (7 months ago)
Ukrainians are the diluted Russians. The real Russians are the Soviets.
Joseph Marcotte (7 months ago)
Ukrainian sentences seem to have a few more words within for the same topic than Russian sentences. Both good! Positive thinking. Happiness to everyone.
zaidalnssralah fahim (7 months ago)
So nice
Cheyenne Warner (7 months ago)
You should make a video of a Russian person speaking in English saying specific phrases, along with an Ukrainian person also speaking English. Sort of like this video, they say the same phrases so people like me, (I am an American, Midwestern, English-speaking-person) English speakers can hear them. I want to try to discern the differences between an Ukrainian accent and a Russian accent when speaking English. I have heard both, but they are quite similar when heard separately, I know that they aren’t the exact same. Also it is different when watching TV and hearing either accent by actors who might not necessarily have these accents in reality, so really they are probably not accurate in totality. I am just interested in knowing the subtle nuances that make an accent either Russian or Ukrainian. I really do think both are quite pretty to hear, but I would like to hear the real thing from real Russian/Ukrainian people speaking them. At least try and take my video idea into consideration, I haven’t really found a video that really shows it like I am asking here. If anyone else has seen a video like I described here, please post the link for me! That would be awesome. Anyhow thanks for reading my comment & thank you for this video! 😊 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗🖤
_millgecko (7 months ago)
I left east Ukraine when I was really little so I only speak a bit of Russian... personally I find Ukrainian to be more pleasant to listen to though (maybe bc my mom screamed at me in Russian rather than Ukrainian when she was pissed lol). I looooove Ukrainian music <3
Zoo Nkauj Thor (7 months ago)
Ukrainian. More melodic and softer.
Olga Reznikova (7 months ago)
Zoo Nkauj Thor (7 months ago)
Dammm, I guess Ukrainian and Russian are similar, like twins. Both countries should stop fighting each other to love and heal. The language and looks, they are like indivisible sisters.
janning schrotter (8 months ago)
Such a hard language make easier I am dumb!!! BOTH. I like simple things. Why is it when I put something together from scratch every Savic person is amazed like I am a fucking genius yet you act like I should know your counties basic shit. Your language is fucking HARD!!!. Your people are so damn cool but your languages are so fucking hard. I was putting together an m-9 and my slavic friends were like how you put gun together so fast. Because its easy? I am so interested in the culture because I have so many Russian and Ukrainian friends both are such nice people but damn.
King Of Flirt (8 months ago)
that fail when u point to the right but shes actually left of her...
Edgar Villalba (8 months ago)
but my question is, can you understand one another?
Olga Reznikova (8 months ago)
Russians say they don't understand ukrainian
Aleksandr Merjalainen (8 months ago)
Українська дуже штучна, ударение відчувається. Є помилки і багато. Висновок: вона для вас не є рідною.
Olga Reznikova (8 months ago)
Якийсь хибний висновок, бо таки вона в мене одна рідна мова.
Rozan Issam (8 months ago)
I need somone teaches me ukrani.. can you help me?
RJ Lugo (8 months ago)
It's like comparing Spanish to Portuguese or English to German. However they both share history - both eastern european the Slavic group/ Cossack. And cuisines borstch, kielbasa , perogies, etc.
lobnah79 (8 months ago)
I love them both💕
IR. RA (8 months ago)
I speak both ukrainian and russian,and of course ukraine,russian has strong accent but it is also great
Googoole Googoole (9 months ago)
Russian and Ukrainian are almost the same. Just dialects
jjw9383 (9 months ago)
99.9% same language
Bulging Battery (9 months ago)
I thought it was the same language, but with a different accent, like American English compared to British English.
kristina Di (9 months ago)
Украинский наилучший!!! Дякую!
Shyam Sundar Dasi (9 months ago)
The Blasphemous Gospel (10 months ago)
We all know German is the most romantic language.
Adam (10 months ago)
am lost :D
Intro 127 (10 months ago)
i love the sound of russian
Matthew Romaniuk (10 months ago)
Olya is much nicer than Olga ;) thanks for the video!
Matthew Romaniuk (10 months ago)
I think each person will have their personal bias. For me, nothing compares to Ukrainian poetry... so unique and almost untranslatable in a beautiful way.
Saba khelashvili (11 months ago)
На украине В украине :) ????
Ed Garcia (11 months ago)
Your both Sexy and both languages melt like butter in my ears, are there any Russian or Ukrainian Porn stars??? Your voices made me Very Hot!!!
without name (11 months ago)
Hello there how are you. I actually enjoyed watching and hearing your video ,but the video was so fast so,I could not recognize the difference . Thanks
Tatiana Rodriguez (11 months ago)
A bit of a difference. I love both languages.
Sofia Vargová (11 months ago)
its funny i Can somehow understand both versions cause theyre both a little similar to my language still id be lost without the traslation in english
marita * (11 months ago)
One of many proofs how melodic is Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCPufE8AeMg&feature=share
Artem Dudarev (11 months ago)
После просмотра данного видео, Ольга, становится жалко... Очень и весьма жалко. Жаль то, что вы.. Вы, Ольга! При всем вашем очаровании, красе и образовании, вы уже замужем! Всё:)
Benjamin Chung (11 months ago)
Aren't russians and ukrainians close historical relatives? I can't imagine Belarus, Russia, Ukraine being different people genetically back about 500 years ago....didn't the 3 nations become distinct only about 50 years ago? Basically like an earlier commenter mentioned: Like Scotland, England, Ireland was originally simply called Great Britain. only later did each nation become distinct, then they became the UK again. History is like a see-saw. They get together after some big event like revolution, war, or mass migration; then after about 1,2, or if lucky 3 generations they separate and become distinct nations again....then after another few centuries things change again................DEAR GOD .....................History is the most complex thing to trace....but the faces and languages and cultures force us to seek how nations came to be and try to understand them.
Benjamin Chung (11 months ago)
The most breathtakingly awesome respectable heritage of Russia and Ukraine is the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Church which history spans at least 1000 breathtaking blessed years!!! That awesome legacy and living heritage expressed so powerfully and excellently in the awesome orthodox liturgical chants of the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox faith is what makes Russia and Ukrainian people most wonderfully blessed and beautiful...your men are mighty in the true faith endowed with the gift of wisdom and your women are beautiful in the true pure most precious faith that is of GOD eternal life...may it ever remain so! In Jesus name I pray. Amen....May Russia and Ukraine continue to be the shining light to the rest of the nations in its faith in GOD and in Jesus Christ. Amen.
Olga Reznikova (11 months ago)
Historically all people are close relatives. For example, daughters of Ukrainian king was Queen of France, Germany and other countries... USA is full of emigrants from all the world... But it doesn't mean nations don't have their own traditions and ethnicity.
Kvádrák (11 months ago)
If I have good noticed, Russian and Ukrainian have different ways of pronounciation of č, dž, š and ž (ch, dzh, sh and zh)
Kvádrák (11 months ago)
Something like Czech and Slovak. The Slovak č, dž, š and ž consonants are more harder, similar to Russian or Polish.
Olga Reznikova (11 months ago)
a little bit yes
ng kah weng (1 year ago)
I could not find any difference in between these 2 languages
Save the Rhino (1 year ago)
"I'm married" aw shucks
glamoureus (1 year ago)
Her Russian pronunciation is poor so why even try compare?
pancake killer (1 year ago)
Maybe it's because I'm learning Russian but I like it a bit better. I think both are beautiful though ❤
Werex Zenok (1 year ago)
they are fucking identical to me. sry
Brian Ross (1 year ago)
Honestly, to my American ears with slight knowledge of Russian, Ukrainian sounds like an accent to me. Like how we in the midwest USA view the way people from the south speak. Same language, but it sounds different and is spoken at a slower pace. Honestly if I never heard any of the words in a sentence before, I would only think that someone speaking Ukrainian came from a different and more rural part of Russia as opposed to a Russian from Moscow. Afterall, they are both the same people descended from the same tribes and kingdom. Only geography and neighboring foreign tongues amount to any differences.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
After all we all are the same people in the planet, just with a little bit different traditions and language))
Noelle M (1 year ago)
Ukrainian sounds so cute!
Adam K (1 year ago)
Hot tea hot coffee hot everything onions,
Cyprus Relax (1 year ago)
Russian and Ukrainian Mail Order Brides | Marry Your Perfect Russian Women http://bit.ly/2wG70Lc888
Glaeqen (1 year ago)
Ukrainian sounds far more melodic. Furtermore as a Pole, I understood muuuch more in Ukrainian sentences. Russian is completely foreign, only few words are familiar, like węgierski - hungarian.

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