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VISA ON ARRIVAL to UKRAINE Hehe, you guys ask me thousands questions about countries which can get visa on arrival in Ukraine. So this is new list! Australia Antigua and Barbuda Commonwealth of the Bahamas Barbados Kingdom of Bahrain The Republic of Vanuatu Republic of Guatemala Republic of Honduras Grenada Commonwealth of Dominica The Republic of India The Republic of Indonesia State of Qatar Republic of China State of Kuwait Republic of Mauritius Malaysia United Mexican States Federated States of Micronesia New Zealand United Arab Emirates Sultanate of Oman Republic of Palau Republic of Peru Independent State of Samoa Republic of El Salvador Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Republic of Seychelles Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Republic of Singapore Democratic Republic of East Timor (Timor-Leste) Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Tuvalu Do you like this video and appreciate my efforts? I will be grateful for donations: - PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/OlgaReznikova My services - http://ukrainianspace.com/services-2/ Contact me: Page of my blog in FB - https://www.facebook.com/ukrainianspace My personal FB page - https://www.facebook.com/olga.rezniko... Reznikova trips - https://www.facebook.com/reznikovatours/ Instagram - olgareznikova Twitter - https://twitter.com/ukrainianspace For business correspondence - [email protected] -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Aviation Museum in Kiev: don't miss the visit!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co-OkDVk9zA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Ekoy Dakoykoy (18 hours ago)
I read in the embassy website that invitation is not mandatory requirement not sure why you did not state it here.
I worked on getting a Ukrainian visa three years ago. After a big breakup from a girl in Nikolaev Ukraine. I now applied for a Russian visa and it's in the process. I just wished this never happened.
Murtadha aljuboori (5 days ago)
What about studying if I am from Canada do I still don’t need Visa
Aamir ali (6 days ago)
How we can get visa after refusal 😅😅
Bilaljani001 Akram (11 days ago)
Hello I am Pakistani and I am in saudia arab residence and I want spend my holidays in Ukraine I need Ukraine visa for travel or the immigration gave me on arrival visa in ukraine
Asf Ghamdi (15 days ago)
Hi, Olga. Why you don't feel jaulosy like Belarus country which give 30 days with out visa for some countries like Saudia Arabia who has relationship with your country.
I love you
James Martin (30 days ago)
If your country is a friend of Ms.Olga then you don’t need a visa - but if you are not nice to Ms.Olga - Ms.Olga will call the Prime Minister of Ukraine and have your country banned, so guys be nice to Ms.Olga...
Balwinder kumar (1 month ago)
how i get ukraine resistance?
ali raza (1 month ago)
Please give me your whatsapp number
SPARTAN WOLF (1 month ago)
AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND...WESTERN DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES...NEED A FUCKING VISA ON ARRIVAL..YET ..CANADA..USA AND ALL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES...” EVEN FUCKING TURKEY “ ...DON’T NEED A VISA..WHAT THE FUCK..WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS...WHY IS AUSTRALIA DIFFERENT TO THE OTHER WESTERN COUNTRIES..All Australians...need to have a valid passport...obviously...then you need to have a photocopy or print out the hotel booking...show that you have return flights...and a copy or print out of travel insurance...and that’s it...and only at Boryspil, Airport in Kiev...or at Odessa airport...they will give you a short term, 15 day visa..for $130 AUS.. They take your photo there...take copies of these documents I mention...and it takes about 45 minutes...to 1 hour..and then it’s approved..and off you go..
Mahbub Alam (1 month ago)
Lonnie Christopher (1 month ago)
....Why did they make it easy on us in America and take us off the list....???......heard my prayers....???
Adv GAGAN WALIA (2 months ago)
I am single and want to settle in Ukraine not for money but for good atmosphere.only problem is how i will earn and establishe to live there
Shahzaib Siddiqui (2 months ago)
I'm from Pakistan but now these days I'm in saudia arabia so how much expense on that my visit visa and ticket and what can I do I get the visa.
fidainalfaco (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot for your kind information I have a girlfriend there she wants to invite me I belong to Pakistan so it's required that only she goes to notary and from there she can send me invitation then I should take the invitation to the the Ukraine embassy is it all? Please kindly reply me if you want to send me email as follows [email protected]
Alan Alsaqqal (2 months ago)
I need to married with beautiful girl like you to be my future wife and to be able to leave with me in America am serious [email protected]
Abenezer Yirga (3 months ago)
I want to visit from Ethiopia can I?
Ghost Shadow (3 months ago)
Great video
Audia Keny (3 months ago)
right, i think maybe American..
MD MAHAFUZ (3 months ago)
Great thanks your visa get describtion.
Montgomery Denzer (3 months ago)
I made so many girlfriends- ALOHA
Lord Edward (3 months ago)
U.S. citizens do not require a visa to visit Ukraine as long as they are not staying more than 90 days. After that, a visa or residency permit is required.
MD Arafat Sarkar (3 months ago)
01822885772 imo call me
Violetta Platar (4 months ago)
What happens if you don't know anybody who can invite you?
feras kadhem (4 months ago)
I have residency in Finland, do I need to go the embassy of Ukrain or just go to Ukrain?
dave watson (4 months ago)
i am married to EU citizen(30 years) but i do not have EU passport and my country is not listed on your list do I still need a visa.? i want to travel alone.
Thank you olga
antony ashley (4 months ago)
hi, I'm an Indian citizen. My friend is studying in Kiev. I wish to meet her. can you tell me what all documents are needed other than the Invitation letter for me to get a Visa-on-arrival?
Shaan Sinha (4 months ago)
Hi, Some people got denied in Entry at Ukraine Airport Immigration sometime , specially when they don’t have any travel history and they are coming from India. I am offering my service to all Indian Passport holders to Enter 100% in Ukraine with on arrival visa. I do help with visa extensions and other Ukraine visas also. Interested people can send me personal mgs. Email- [email protected] Have a good day☺️
Leoss 67 (5 months ago)
sardar tariq (5 months ago)
I'm Pakistani i how tek visa I want to visat in ukarien
Wajid Parvez (5 months ago)
Ukraine is my favorite country
Wajid Parvez (5 months ago)
When Pakistani people like Ukraine very much
Wajid Parvez (5 months ago)
Olga, my friend, is not this for Pakistaniis ???
Just Go4 (5 months ago)
Hello I'm from Pakistan live in Greece I have a residence so let me know I have to apply visa or I can go without visa thanks
Good 4 Life (5 months ago)
You are so beautiful & thanks for information
craig Yamauchi (5 months ago)
Hello, Olga! I do not do Twitter or blog or even facebook, I only have E-mail. So, I will ask you this. Does a lady from Ukraine need to have a visa and know how to speak enough english to get by in the USA? If you owe money and have not been able to pay it right away, does the girl have to stay and not be able to leave before it's paid? Obviously the man would pay but just for shits and giggles. Thank you for your tie. Please see if I can reach you by E-mail. Craig
Sardar Pervez Khan Khan (5 months ago)
My sweet honey you also cheet but I like meet you waiting for you visit Muscat Oman Golf country Join me here after togethers go there your country enjoy over self So for sweet join me welcome (00968.91925492)
mysirius1000 (6 months ago)
Some voice lessons are in order. It is hard for me to understand your English.
Hidayat Khan (6 months ago)
Hi dear I want to come how I do plz help me
Amrit Sidhu (6 months ago)
Hlw plz give me you e mail id
Mr Dhaaliwal (6 months ago)
I m living in Italy since b20 years. I have yet Indian passport. But I m resident of Italy and open living permission.. May I get tourist visa on arrival .if come from Italy? Tell me please.
Hussain Hamid (6 months ago)
Why not Pakistan in this list of countries who may get visa on arrival in Ukaraine
basharat raja (6 months ago)
Hey beautiful girl can you invite me 😂😊😊😊 just kidding... Guide me kingdom of saudi arabia is listed in visa on arrival... I am not citizen of saudi arabia but i have valid residence permit of saudi arabia i am working here.can i apply for visa on arrival
Jam Brenn (6 months ago)
Every informative, but I would say check with your country's Ukraine embassy things change, conditions change, so fast that embassy websites are not up to date often. Lol , the way you speak English, don't take ever take English speaking lessons , the way you speak adds to you Identity and personality .
Sarinf Serg (6 months ago)
I have asked some questions but you NEVER reply to me 👎👎👎
Zia Babar (7 months ago)
My job here in saudia riyadh in aerospace industry can I come to ukrain for visit please send me details on my email [email protected]
Fahad Saleem (7 months ago)
hi from fahad
UBAD2 (7 months ago)
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, invite Pretty Ukrainian girls to NYC.
Ralph D Hunter (7 months ago)
how3 do i get in contact with you ?
Ali Alii (7 months ago)
Hi,, I subcrib your chinel today i need details for tourist visa for pakistani so let me kow abuot how can i apply. i am business man and i have already travel history for country china and southafrica & Dubai & lodon .i am runing the business leather tannery in pakistan. Regards [email protected]
suby subish (7 months ago)
Hi Olga Iam Indian Kerala candidate. My wife is study mbbs in kyiv. I first time in ukraine pls visiting visa procedure help me
kamal Routewal (8 months ago)
Hello,olia. You r so pretty and beautiful but please clean your teeths twice a day so,they would be white. They don't suit on your angel personality.😍😍😍😍
ndong kadmiel (8 months ago)
Hi guys! I have my registered passport and driving license from this the technician ([email protected]) or (+237677707293). It took me a long time to find a true and true engineer for this job, they are the best and their documents do not differ from the original. Contact them if you want a chance with them
Charles Horlacher (8 months ago)
Glad I have US passport. No visa for most countries. Going to Ukraine this year😀
David Pullen (5 months ago)
Not Russia! Better plan to apply for a Visa there if you want to get into Russia!
Naso Bouko (8 months ago)
Why visit Ukraine for?!
Krishnarjun Thulabandula (8 months ago)
Hi I have a friend from Ukraine. So if she is invite me, how can I get Visa? Visa on arrival? Or ?
Saiful Islam (9 months ago)
Love you babe Ukraine and Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Elvert Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Hello, i want to share my story. I have been chatting with this wonderful woman for 9 months now, we also do video chatting, she sends me videos and lots of pictures of her, this has become a long distance relationship, it is so intense that we have proclaimed our love for each other, I will be going to Ukraine this coming May, the physical attraction is there and most importantly we love each other as people, she is so perfect for me, I have realized this after 9 months of corresponding to each other, we have come to the point of needing each other. She wanted me to find out if it's possible for me to go there this May and be able to marry her, if this will make the transition for her to come to America easier, then I would definitely do it. What do you think about this ? Thank you and have a good day
America news (9 months ago)
If you from Ukraine Contact For sharing business opportunity come on whatsapp +974-31107365
Rafi Rajput (9 months ago)
hi,Pakistan citizen visit visa for apply embassy in ukiren my family visit to ukiren,not on arivel
Click Mintaka (9 months ago)
Hi. what about the policy for Pakistani Nationals?
Antor Rakib (9 months ago)
hi...my question is if i come ukraine with a student visa ...can i visit poland? is it easy or difficult.
nomon ali (9 months ago)
How about Australia
arsalan khan (9 months ago)
v nice video, i watched the video coz i like u so much.u r beautiful
Harsh (9 months ago)
Dear Olga, I have a question. I'm Indian student wanting to visit Ukraine from Austria. I am planning to enter Ukraine via bus. So how will immigration work for me ?? Thanks in advance.
Allan Cerf (10 months ago)
Great info.
Maher Zain (10 months ago)
I have belgium passport do I need a visa I think no ? Plz comment
Maher Zain (10 months ago)
Olga Reznikova (10 months ago)
AsiA I. (10 months ago)
all the LoseRs  are sucking up to Ukraine  you are a joke . stay in your shitty country. the day Ukraine is flooded by garbage American English  assholes is the day Ukraine is done for. keep your anglo cursed asses out of  other peoples country right now you are marked for deatH/ and going to be genocideD even in Uk you cant handle your own immigration  you fkg cowards  the day us IndiA Indians find out there is a big population of English is the day we  start aiming the crosshairs towards wherever the fk you cancer rats are. Slavic beat English up in football games.
farrukh Dilshad (10 months ago)
Hi, i write you email, so please check it & answer me. Thanks
Devoto77 (10 months ago)
You did forget it about my country CHILE ;) we don't need Visa to visit your country. Greetings from Germany
Zeeshan Ali (10 months ago)
hi respected Olga. i heard your whole information and that whole very informative. here i have one question i have to ask. i am the national of Pakistan and currently i am living in Saudi Arabia. i have one girl in Ukraine and we are both interested for marriage. here i want to know if she send me invitation from Ukraine for marriage than does bank statement are matter or no? kindly reply me on my email. [email protected] i am looking forward to hearing from you soon. thank you.
sardar tariq (10 months ago)
I'm Pakistani I want come ukarien but how faind vesa plz help me
abu masoud (11 months ago)
olga can you help to get invation letter from you.i want to visit Ukraine.
Bad Man (11 months ago)
Hello .. I am Aneel from pakistan.. 38yr old .. I want visit visa to celebrate christmas and newyear there..
Josephee (11 months ago)
Any ukranian girls ?? I'm waiting. Still single.
Alfonso Geiger (11 months ago)
I recently inquired about going to the Ukraine, I'm in the U.S.A and no visa is required for up to 90days. I just needed to show I could pay my way for the priod I plan to be there.
Olga Reznikova (11 months ago)
yes, this information is for people who need visa)
olga, I am bangladeshi national living in saudi arabia.can u arrange a longtime visa for me.I want to setup busuness in Ukraine. Please inform me details.
Maurício Vieira (1 year ago)
Hello Olga you need to add Brazil among the countries that no visa is required to go Ukraine. I went in 2016 it was quite easy and I am returning again for the New Year's Day.
Jonelia King (1 year ago)
Procedure about Pakistan, please
GITESH KUMAR (1 year ago)
add me my whatapp no+919459648299
Jahmars Shiva (1 year ago)
What about Swiss ?
Ram Tyagi (1 year ago)
I have so many friends in Ukraine. I love to be there. I have seen your video and also subscribed your channel and I want to say you that you're very very helpful
aabir hossain rana (1 year ago)
I am from Bangladesh. How ibcan go Ukraine?
Shoyab Bwatt (1 year ago)
Sanjay Dey (1 year ago)
How to get invitation letter.
URSS-CEI (1 year ago)
You don't mention that visa on arrival costs double than visa at the embassy
Antonio Azevedo (1 year ago)
I would like Brazil to be in this list... :(
Edge Stone (1 year ago)
Sorry but i can't found your fb persnol page
Ronald Sadia (1 year ago)
i'm from philippines and i need to go to malaysia to get a visa to ukraine do i need to have a ticket to ukraine also the ticket to exit upon my interview with the consol or not ... it really makes me confuse about it
Arctic Circle (1 year ago)
Very valuable information Ms Olga...I appreciate your efforts. I am having holidays for a week from 30 August, and hope to see you.
aldarari trading (1 year ago)
about for pakistani
Leonardo Diaz (1 year ago)
hi so what abut Colombia?
Shahzaib Hashmi (1 year ago)
Get Ukraine visa please telling me about Supporting documents
Shahzaib Hashmi (1 year ago)
What about pakistani citizens
Abadixxx Gham (1 year ago)
Ya you are right my friend just came from Ukraine and he got the visa from airport 😉 .... and I will come soon 😍😍😍
Santa Blanca (1 year ago)
I'm from Algeria I wish I could come to Ukraine next summer how much for visa U have sweet eyes by the way ♥
Reagan Cheong (1 year ago)
I am a Malaysian and i have planned to visit Ukraine next year with my friends because of Kiev Major where they show the beauty around the city
muhammad asif (1 year ago)
Hi friend my name Muhammad Asif from Pakistan and I am coming to Ukraine country what process please guide me thanks

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