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TCG Crypto Live 6/24

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Text Comments (45)
Geoff Handsome (10 months ago)
Hey dan, is there a hot-key to draw those horizontal white price lines? Thanks
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
alt + h
Joel G (10 months ago)
Yes ticks are bad here in Ky. Best hiking/camping time in KY is October thru early November. Or March thru early April.
Artem Gordon (10 months ago)
EUR/ZAR setting up something very very beautiful since early 2015 that may break sometime early-mid 2019 - possible hidden bullish divergence?
atagino (10 months ago)
Remember to do good things! inspired by Dan, small achievement today but it feels great! helping someone less fortune it is a really something we all should do more often...
Pro-Technical Analyst (10 months ago)
On 26:03 you mentioned about a Intro to a Miners Video , so one can get ready... I could not find what you are talking about.... could you please be clearer so I can check it out. Thanks for all your hard work. You have helped me out a lot!!
midnightbrad (10 months ago)
I'm a day late, but always look forward to seeing your vids dan! Thank you:)
Kevin McKee (10 months ago)
I’m stuck until Thursday. Getting paid from this gig I picked up to buy this dip. I watch these the day after. It’s Monday and it looks
Luke O'Donovan (10 months ago)
Thank you Dan, always so insightful. I was wondering what you think of silver at the moment? Looks really tight ready for a breakout
Hammy powdered eggs CARS (10 months ago)
hey Dan so how do you judge where to place your big orders - missed by 35c but as you say it was so near that it would happen next time - what signals were telling you it will bounce around there - thanks dan great material
Hammy powdered eggs CARS (10 months ago)
Thanks much appreciated Dan
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
I scale in so I dont have to nail it. Just visually I see where RSI is and where it would be on another leg down. If I have 3 big orders spread across 6% on LTC that is a big area, no need to pinpoint.
Goldenpill (10 months ago)
Im a newbie so tell me if im wrong..Why not buy in with a long and a short on these equilibriums..? with stops on the break out lower/higher?
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
Some probably do. That is an options trading strategy "straddle"
Mate Soma Pesti (10 months ago)
I started to watch the short charts, since you brought it up a few weeks ago. I think it does give you heads up. Like now is 7:30AM GMT and shorts are selling like there's no tomorrow and the price hasn't changed yet. So if the theory is true then i'm expecting a bull move in the next few hours.
Shaka Farms (10 months ago)
How are you clicking and setting those price levels on higher highs and lower lows? without using the standard line tool every time. You can always click and mark a price level...how? thanks Dan
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
Alt + h
Crypto Trading Library (10 months ago)
Can you make a video explaining the shorts chart?
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
Watch Saturday video
Ben Androvich (10 months ago)
Okay, so was it the twig or the berries that got stung? Either way, not a fun 48-72 hours. Wow! Yellow jackets are no joke too. They keep stinging where a bee gets one shot and done. Thanks for the (always) incredible TA, humor and Story Time! Really enjoy it!
Ben Androvich (10 months ago)
Oh boy.....that’s intense!!!
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
twig : (
Tyler Koziki (10 months ago)
Any chance of adding xrp to the list?
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
No one voted for it
Patrick (10 months ago)
Big and smelly
Noetic333 (10 months ago)
Did a 20 minute hike up a hill and back down while prospecting here in CT and me and my buddy got about 30+ ticks each on us that fast. Was pulling em off hours later in the shower and falling out the clothes I laid out out from that day inside out. We have those nasty ticks that the Plum Island research center infected so there’s all kinds of diseases they created so they just labeled them all “Lyme Disease” (Old Lyme, CT. Is right across the sound from the center. Then they moved the research to Ohio I believe and there was a huge breakout there soon after. But the government would never do testing of new diseases on the populace. That’s just crazy talk. The government is our friend. They’re here to help. 🐑
Michael Manfro (10 months ago)
I see a bear trap. Too many shorts.. still.
Muzi Xaba (10 months ago)
I've been writting down my BTCUSD analysis everyday this month before watching TheChartGuys cyrpto analysis videos. It has improved my trading game significantly and recommend it for anyone who's never done it before.
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
Perfect. Good job, I always say get out of your head... I do it daily with the videos.
Mike Fuhrmann (10 months ago)
Your analysis and contribution to the community is phenomenal-thanks again! Quick Note: unless I did the math wrong, BCH had the best bounce from bottom today on GDAX/Coinbase Pro.
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
Thanks could be, I only checked the 3 quickly before live.
Karthik Nangunuri (10 months ago)
What is the period for ema in btc chart
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
12 26
Mark O (10 months ago)
Dan, Thanks the daily TA. Keep charging!
ice man (10 months ago)
Thanks CG - great show! Mimimimi :D
Carla V V (10 months ago)
You are so funny. I want to be like you - Funny Knowledgeable of trading Good teacher Help others *great human being*
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
Thanks, you can be if you want it!
Robert Diggins (10 months ago)
Ouch. Yikes. OUCH! YIKES!
Monkey Tron (10 months ago)
Very few people didn’t lose money today. Shit is what it is.
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
You be hanging out with the wrong kind of traders! https://imgur.com/TReMsG7
tettes (10 months ago)
Haha love the Anchorman intro 😂
Hum Shak (10 months ago)
Blockport is going live on June 28. It is a coinbase like exchange that offers service to more countries than coinbase. Check it out and don't miss out. Binance had a marketcap of just 10million when it went live.
Jorge (10 months ago)
Stop shilling
Hey Yo Lew! (10 months ago)
Your call on LTC yesterday saved my ass... although I stayed up all night, I bought near the bottom and sold $.07 below the top! Thank you so much for your TA. As always, do good things!
Oki Ok (10 months ago)
XMR , Please

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